by Lyle Smith

IBM Announces New Storwize V5000 family offerings

IBM is announcing a range of innovations, enhancements, and new features to their storage portfolio, including new Storwize V5000 family offerings that complement Storwize V7000 Gen3. IBM says their new Storwize V5010E and Storwize V5030E models boast increased performance and enterprise-class functionality, availability, and reliability in "easy to buy, use, manage" entry storage systems.

Included in the new line are the affordable All-flash Storwize V5100F and V5100 systems, which leverage end-to-end NVMe technology. These new additions combine IBM FlashCore technology with NVMe performance and the enterprise-class data services of IBM Spectrum Virtualize software-defined storage. IBM believes this collaboration will create a solution with the capability, scalability, and speed needed to excel in demanding AI and analytics applications.  

The entire IBM Storwize family, FlashSystem 9100, SAN Volume Controller, and VersaStack use IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud to simplify multi-cloud solution management. IBM has unveiled that Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud can be now deployed on Amazon Web Services and IBM Cloud, which is expected to increase the amount of flexibility and options for users. 

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud is designed to make data transfer between on-premises and public cloud much easier. As such, clients can develop disaster recovery strategies using Cloud rather than a second data center, which can be costly and time-consuming. It also supports cloud-based DevOps for more flexible and agile cloud development, while supporting cyber resiliency with cloud-based “air gap” snapshots to Amazon S3. 

IBM also touched on Storage Insights. With this service, IBM claims organizations will be able to focus on creating new revenue streams rather than on repetitive maintenance tasks. Storage Insights does this by offering system monitoring, analysis, reporting, optimization, and streamlined support at no cost to its customers.

Storwize V7000 Gen3

Storwize V5010E and Storwize V5030E

Storwize V5100F and V5100

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