by Adam Armstrong

IBM Announces Spectrum Protect Version 7.1.7

Today IBM announced the latest version of its data protection software, Spectrum Protect version 7.1.7. The latest version is all about protecting data that is stored or transferred to the cloud. IBM claims that using the latest version enables data to be sent to cloud storage at near-maximum transfer rates. IBM also announced that Spectrum Protect has has been recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Data Center Backup and Recovery Software Magic Quadrant for the 6th year in a row.

The cloud is being used more and more for mission-critical data and applications but its main use is still for backup and disaster recovery. The biggest issues with these usages are security, performance, and compliance. The latest version of IBM Spectrum Protect aims to help customers address those issues. Version 7.1.7 takes advantage of both the flexibility of the cloud as well as its pay-as-you-go consumption model by adding fast, efficient cloud object storage integration.

According to IBM, the latest version is easy to deploy with a guided setup, contains a graphical console to ease management, and further makes cloud backups easy by having built-in functionality that is easy to configure, manage and audit. Features such as efficiency, performance, and security require little to no configuration and customers are given the choice between public and private cloud object storage options.

Key features include:

  • Local cache – enables data to be sent to cloud storage at near-maximum transfer rates
  • Built-in efficiency – restores from the cloud by recovering deduplicated, compressed data
  • IBM Spectrum Protect High Speed Data Transfer – backup servers can replicate data up to 40 times faster over impaired networks

IBM Spectrum Protect

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