by Adam Armstrong

IBM Expands SDS Portfolio Leaning Toward Analytics

Today IBM announced that it is expanding its software-defined infrastructure solutions portfolio. This portfolio will now have cognitive features that will improve computing resource management, which in turn will provide faster results from data-driven applications and analytics. IBM is naming this new intelligent resource and workload management software IBM Spectrum Computing.

Software-defined infrastructure is the fastest growing segment of the infrastructure market, according to IDC. In fact, IDC is estimating that the market for software-defined infrastructure will grow at almost 24% from 2014 to 2019, reaching nearly $51 billion. IBM’s new Spectrum Computing is designed to help companies extract better value from its data by accelerating performance-intensive analytics or machine learning.  To accelerate these facets the new software offers new cognitive, resource-aware scheduling policies that increase utilization of existing compute resources.

The three new software products include:

  • Designed to speed analysis of data – IBM Spectrum Conductor works with cloud applications and open source frameworks, speeding time to results by enabling increasingly complex applications to share resources, all while protecting and managing data throughout its lifecycle.
  • Integrates Apache Spark – IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark simplifies the adoption of Apache Spark, an open source big data analytics framework, while delivering up to 60% faster analytical results.
  • Accelerates research and design – IBM Spectrum LSF is a comprehensive workload management software featuring flexible and easy to use interfaces to help organizations accelerate research and design by up to 150 times while controlling costs through advanced resource sharing and improved utilization.

IBM Spectrum Conductor is the result of two years of collaboration between IBM developers and clients. This collaboration was centered around accelerating next-generation analytics. The software can manage several applications at once, allocating resources in a way to achieve faster time to results. IBM states that availability or security need not be compromised to achieve highly-efficient, multi-tenant scheduling.

For high-performance research, design and simulation applications, IBM Spectrum LSF is designed to deliver comprehensive workload and resource management capabilities. IBM has enhanced the mobile user interface leading to improved ease-of-use, reporting, and workload visibility. IBM is also claiming that Spectrum LSF has five-times greater throughput and up to three-times higher scalability than previous IBM Platform LSF versions.

IBM Spectrum Computing

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