by Adam Armstrong

IBM Launches Two New Enterprise Products At PartnerWorld

This year at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, IBM launched two new products for customers with high-performance processing and flexible hybrid storage solutions needs. IBM launched the IBM Platform Conductor for Spark to help business use Apache Spark in order to gain insight into the data they are collecting. And IBM launched a new hybrid addition to its Storwize family, the V5000 models.

Data is being generated at tremendous rates and organizations are struggling to find a way to mine this data for insights. In the past users went with Apache Hadoop MapReduce for their big data analytics. But now data is being generated so fast (2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day) that something faster is needed. This lead to the development of Apache Spark, which, according to Apache, is 100 times faster than MapReduce. The biggest drawback to Spark was the difficulty in implementing it. IBM’s new Platform Conductor for Spark offers customers an enterprise-grade, multi-tenant solution that allows organizations to deploy Spark. The IBM Platform Conductor for Spark is ideal for the financial services industry, life sciences, oil and gas, design automation, and retail.

IBM Platform Conductor for Spark benefits:

  • Achieve faster time-to-results for big data analytics: Spark multitenancy allows Spark jobs to run on resources that would otherwise be idle. At the heart of the product is high-efficiency resource scheduling technology that has been proven in some of the world’s most demanding customer environments.
  • Create simplified deployment and management: This is an end-to-end integrated solution incorporating resource scheduling, data management, monitoring, alerting, reporting and diagnostics as well as Spark.
  • Realize improved efficiency: Support for shared infrastructure maximizes efficient use of resources. Spark multitenancy can provide easier Spark lifecycle management by supporting simultaneous running of multiple instances and different versions of Spark.

Mining data to gain insights is a great way to develop a competitive edge, but the data needs to be stored somewhere while it is being mined. IBM is also launching its new Storwize V5000 storage solution. The V5000 is offers scale, performance, efficiency, and flexibility all while enabling unified virtualization and simplified management. Each system has up to 2PB of capacity (4PB with two-way clustered systems) and allows companies to start small and grow when ready while still leveraging the initial investment.

Storwize V5000 benefits:

  • Higher flexibility: Is easily customizable with flexible software options and three new models
  • Ease of use: Simplifies management with industry-leading graphical user interface
  • IBM Easy Tier: Includes advanced technology for automatically migrating data between storage tiers based on real-time usage analysis patterns
  • IBM Real-time Compression: Reduces storage acquisition costs by using up to 80% less disk and flash capacity
  • External virtualization: Consolidates and provides IBM Storwize V5000 capabilities to existing storage infrastructures
  • Replication over IP: Improves network utilization for remote mirroring with innovative technology
  • IBM HyperSwap: Allows high-availability configurations for resilient virtualized environments
  • Clustered systems: Provides the ability for block systems to scale both up and out for performance and capacity
  • Integral part of VersaStack: Includes an integrated infrastructure solution jointly developed by IBM and Cisco to provide faster application and workload delivery, while maintaining efficiency and controlling costs


Both IBM Platform Conductor for Spark and IBM Storwize V5000 are available now.

IBM Platform Conductor for Spark

IBM Storwize V5000

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