by Lyle Smith

IBM Partners With Box To Enable Local Data Storage In Europe & Asia

IBM will be extending its global partnership with Box to give enterprises the option to store data regionally in Europe and Asia on the IBM Cloud. As such, IBM will be able to use Box Zones to support hybrid cloud deployments via their deeply integrated enterprise content management solutions. Box Zones will also leverage IBM Cloud Object Storage Services, as it will enable clients from both companies to locally store and manage their increasing volumes of unstructured data through the cloud in a range of different regions located across Europe and Asia.

IBM Cloud Object Storage combines technology from the Cleversafe (an object storage company acquired by IBM back in October of last year), providing clients with a consistent architecture and interfaces across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. IBM Cloud itself is touted as a fast private and hybrid cloud service that delivers easy and automated access to the public in order to help clients “digitally transform.” It also uses a growing collection of services including analytics, mobile, networking, storage, Internet of Things and cognitive computing. 

Both companies indicate that this announcement further solidifies their partnership, adding that they are striving to transform the way enterprises work with content.

IBM Cloud 

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