by Adam Armstrong

IDC Release 4Q18 Worldwide Server Tracker

International Data Corporation (IDC) ran its quarterly Worldwide Server Tracker for the fourth quarter of 2018. The numbers are still looking good for vendors as both revenue and shipments are trending up. While Dell is still technically on top of the market, they are now tied with HPE according to the metrics of the Server Tracker.

The server market as a whole did really well in the fourth quarter of 2018. Its saw its fifth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth and its highest total revenue in a single quarter ever. Revenue increased 12.6% year over year to $23.6 billion and worldwide server shipments increased 5% year over year to about 3 million. According to the tracker, volume server revenue increased by 17.8% to $19.0 billion, while midrange server revenue grew 30.3% to $2.5 billion. High-end systems declined 28.3% to $2.1 billion.

For individual vendors, the Tracker marks a tie between Dell and HPE, though Dell is ahead slightly with $4.426 billion (18.7% of market share) compared to HPE’s $4.199 billion (17.8% of market share). Dell pulled ahead more so on shipments with 580K units shipped (19.4% of market share) compared to HPE’s 473K units shipped (15.8% of market share). Inspur made yet another large leap with 70.7% revenue growth year over year and 35.7% unit growth year over year. 

IDC Worldwide Quarter Server Tracker

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