by Adam Armstrong

IDC Releases 2Q18 Worldwide Server Tracker

International Data Corporation (IDC) ran its quarterly Worldwide Server Tracker for the second quarter of this year. Again, the server market is looking up in general. Dell EMC continued its reign and was able to pull away from HPE a bit more, though the smaller guys made the biggest gains quarter to quarter. 

Looking to the market as a whole, it is continuing to grow year over year. In fact the market increased 43.7% YoY to $22.5 billion this quarter. As far as units shipped, this quarter saw 2.9 million units shipped an increase of 20.5%. This also marks the fourth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth for servers. According to IDC, volume server revenue increased by 42.7% to $18.4 billion, while midrange server revenue grew 63.0% to $2.5 billion. High-end systems grew 30.4% to $1.7 billion.

Over to the individual vendors, Dell EMC retain their top spot with revenue of 4.25 billions and a market share of 18.8%. This marks a 1.1 percentage climb for the company in a year and an increase of $1.47 billion increase in revenue. HPE held steady in second with $3.74 billion in revenue and 16.6% in market share. It should be noted that while both companies saw a reduction in market share from last quarter, Dell EMC was able to pull farther away from HPE into the lead. For unit shipments, Dell EMC reported 574,600 units shipped this quarter and HPE reported 443,700 units.

IDC Worldwide Quarter Server Tracker

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