by Adam Armstrong

IDC Releases 3Q18 Worldwide Storage Systems Tracker

International Data Corporation (IDC) ran its quarterly Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker for the third quarter of this year. Storage systems as a whole saw a bump in revenue continuing the recent trend, a nice turn around for the industry that was seeing signs of slowing growth. In yet another category of IDC’s, Dell EMC came out on top again. 

Looking at the market as a whole, enterprise storage systems saw revenue increase by 19.4% year over year to $14 billion this quarter. Shipment by capacity was up 57.3% year over year with 113.9 exabytes shipped during this quarter. 27.7% of the total of enterprise storage investments from this quarter came through ODMs selling directly to hyperscale data centers. ODMs to data centers came to a total of $3.9 billion this quarter that is an increase of 45.8% year over year. Sever-based storage was up 10.1% year over year to $3.8 billion in revenue. External storage systems were up 12.5% this quarter to about $6.3 billion. And an interesting note, All Flash Arrays generated $2.15 billion in revenue an increase of of 39.3% year over year.

With individual vendors, Dell Inc. took the top spot with 19.2% of the total revenue of enterprise storage system for this quarter. Not only did they take the top spot, the company showed 21.8% growth year over year. HPE/H3C Group had the second spot with 16.4% a slip of -3.3% year over year where HPE had the top spot in the third quarter of last year. NetApp came in third with 5.8% revenue share and there was a five-way tie for fourth between Hitachi, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo, and Inspur.

For external enterprise storage systems by revenue, Dell Inc. took the top spot by a long shot with individual vendors with 31.3% (this is roughly the same as all the “others” that weren't in the top, for combined at 33%). This marks a growth of 22.9% for Dell from this time last year. NetApp came in second at 12.8% and HPE/H3C came in third with 10.4%. 

IDC Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker

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