by Lyle Smith

IDC Releases Q3 2019 Worldwide Server Tracker for the Converged Systems Market

International Data Corporation (IDC) ran its quarterly Worldwide Server Tracker for the third quarter of the worldwide converged systems market, reporting an increase of 3.5% year over year to $3.75 billion, which was much lower than last quarter. Nonetheless, Dell has again posted top revenue and market share as the number one global provider of hyper-converged systems, showing a growth of 42.6% year over year (vs. +3.5% year over year of the overall industry) and capturing a 35.1% share, roughly 6% more than this time last year. At number two, Nutanix reported $262.2 million in branded revenue for a 14.2% share, though it declined once again by 6.8% year over year.

The overall HCI system sales segment reported $2.02 billion in 2Q19 revenue with a growth of 18.7% year over year and continues to make up the largest segment of the overall Converged Systems industry at 53.7%.  

Dell EMC has held the number 1 spot in the HCI segment for 10 consecutive quarters and traditional converged infrastructure for 31 consecutive quarters. For integrated platforms, sales declined 13.9% year over year during the third quarter of 2019, generating $475 million worth of sales and amounting to 12.6% of the total converged systems market revenue. For software ownership view of the market, new systems running VMware hyper-converged software represented $766.2 million in total 3Q19 vendor revenue, which was 38.0% of the total market.

IDC Worldwide Quarter Server Tracker

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