by Lyle Smith

IGEL Announces IGEL OS Workspace Edition version 11.03

IGEL has announced IGEL OS Workspace Edition version 11.03, which is highlighted by advanced security capabilities like signed OS partitions that are designed to extend IGEL’s secure “chain of trust” at the device processor level. IGEL Workspace Edition is a comprehensive, software-defined endpoint that offers organizations all the essential capabilities they need to transform any compatible x86 device into a secure, highly-functional IGEL-powered endpoint.


The IGEL secure “chain of trust” now extends to select IGEL hardware models through the AMD Secure Processor technology (a hardware-based security system built into the AMD processor), such as the AMD Embedded RX-216GD system-on-a-chip that powers current-gen IGEL UD7 endpoints. IGEL indicates that this integration leverages a dedicated security system that nitiates its secure chain of trust at the hardware level.

The AMD R-Series Embedded processor verifies if the UEFI binary is cryptographically signed by IGEL is authentic and further investigates the bootloader for a UEFI Secure Boot signature. The bootloader then checks the IGEL OS Linux kernel; if the OS partitions signatures on disk are correct, IGEL OS is initiated and the partitions are mounted. Those connecting to a VDI or cloud environment will be able to verify the certificate of the connected server when accessing software such as Citrix Workspace App or VMware Horizon 7.

Also new in IGEL OS 11.03 is support for LoginVSI’s Login Pi application performance testing software, enabling IT administrators to thoroughly test end-to-end performance from IGEL-powered endpoints to the destination cloud or server.  Now integrated with IGEL OS, this technology enables keen insight and understanding of user experiences across the enterprise.


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