by Adam Armstrong

Igneous Announces DataProtect Backup as-a-Service

Today Igneous, Inc. announced a new version of its DataProtect, a software only version that writes data directly to any Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 storage (S3, Standard-IA, Glacier, Glacier Deep Archive). Igneous makes the claim that its DataProtect was already the only backup and archive solution architected for the massive scale of unstructured, machine-generated file, and object data. Now, this software only version, will give users a simple and cost-effective strategy for protecting file and object data at scale, directly to any AWS tier of public cloud storage.

As more and more users start or migrate to the cloud it is being used for everything, including archive and backup. AWS takes this a step further with its Glacier Deep Archive, which can potentially allow customers to move their entire backup and restore services to public cloud. There can be some advantages to this including costs, both with the reduction of on-prem hardware and only paying for capacity used. Igneous states that with DataProtect Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) file backup will be optimized to fully capitalize on the value of AWS Glacier Deep Archive as a replacement for on-premises backup. 

If users have an AWS account and all they need to take advantage of DataProtect BaaS is a virtual machine environment and network connectivity. Advantages include API integration with Tier-1 NAS providers, latency-sensitive data movement, high-performance file movement and large-scale indexing. Those that want to avoid worrying about system maintenance are in luck as Igneous also includes weekly software updates, proactive service monitoring, and fast security updates.  


A 30-day free trial of the new Backup as-a-Service offering is available immediately from Igneous.

Igneous DataProtect

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