by Bill Valle

Imation Enhances Nexsan Storage Arrays with E-Series V

Imation has released Nexsan E-Series V with unprecedented levels of storage density combined with extremely low power consumption.  In a 4U space - one third of the rack space required by most storage arrays, the E-Series V can accommodate up to 240 Terabytes.  Nexsan AutoMAID is a disk management utility that can reduce overall power consumption by up to 87%, reducing operating cost and also extending the life of the storage system.

The E-Series V is targeted at mid-sized organizations that would like to deploy a high performance hybrid storage environment with minimal issues and moderate cost.    Customers will be able to deploy the various types of storage available (direct attached – DAS, flash – SSD, FC or iSCSI SAN, etc.) as needed to be tailored to performance demands of the applications.  Much attention has been given to improve reliability with an anti-vibration design and Cool Drive Technology for better temperature control and to limit the potential for overheating.    Active Drawer Technology allows for hot swapping of the storage components without downtime.

In the E-Series VT systems, an advanced controller design is employed with a dedicated hardware engine, or “Turbocharger” that can accelerate RAID parity generation and double the sequential write performance over previous generations of E-Series.    Imation recently (October) launched the Nexsan NST6530 unified hybrid NAS/SAN storage system which is optimized for solid state drives.   Featuring active/active controllers and FASTier caching technology integrated with E-Series V or VT storage arrays that can allow the NST6530/E-Series to scale up to 5 petabytes.

The new Nexsan E-Series V are available now in the following configurations:

  • E-Series V Model: E60VT (60 drives in 4U, up to 240 TB)
  • E-Series V Model: E48VT (48 drives in 4U, up to 192 TB)
  • E-Series V Model: E18VT (18 drives in 2U, up to 72 TB)

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