by Josh Shaman

Imation Nexsan NST6000 Series and NestOS 3.0 Announced

Imation is announcing its Nexsan NST6530 unified hybrid storage, which is part of the 6000 series platform, and its NestOS 3.0 which is a scalable storage operating system. The new NST6000 platform adds Fibre Channel support and can handle SAN and NAS workloads without performance taking a hit. It's a unified hybrid storage platform that simultaneously supports both block- and file-level data traffic without software overhead or licenses. One of the ways the NST6000 achieves high performance figures is leveraging FASTier technology which also lowers latency and pushes the endurance of SSDs.

The first NST6000 model is the NST6530 which features dedicated high performance controllers and the FASTier caching engine connected to Nexsan E-Series storage. This enables the NST6530 to meet applications including virtualized IT environments that require high capacities. The NST6530 runs on NESTOS 3.0 storage operating system, which will be available across the Nexsan NST hybrid storage line in fall.

Imation is also announcing the NST6000MC Metro Storage Cluster, which is an integrated, high availability and disaster recovery product that enables data replication and failover capability from within a data center to a site nearby or even up to 10km away. The Nexsan NST6000MC Metro Storage Cluster consists of two active/active controller nodes configured with Nexsan E-Series Fibre Channel storage arrays.


The Nexsan NST6000MC Metro Storage Cluster solution is available immediately through the channel.

The NST6530 and NestOS 3.0 will be available this fall. Fibre Channel connectivity will only be available on NST6000 series systems.

Imation Nexsan NST6000 Series

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