by Adam Armstrong

INFINIDAT Announces InfiniBox Storage Software 4.0

Today INFINIDAT released the latest version of its InfiniBox core operating software, InfiniBox R4. The company claims that the new OS will reduce TCO and enhance functional richness, ease of use and reliability. Key enhancements include SAN Synchronous Replication, Advanced Policy-Based Quality of Service, NAS Asynchronous Replication, and NAS TreeQ.

INFINIDAT came on the scene a few years ago eschewing the typical “add more flash for more performance” mantra. Instead the company relies heavily on software-optimization, leveraging learning algorithms to extract very high performance and reliability out of low-cost hardware, including the same ultra-high capacity drives widely employed by Google, Facebook and other hyperscale cloud operators for large-scale data storage.

With the latest version, the company is continuing on the same software-optimization path. One of the new key features is an advanced, performance-optimized synchronous replication capability that delivers RPO=0 at ultra-low latency and nominal bandwidth consumption, as well as a fully configurable automated fallback to asynchronous replication in the event of a network failure. INFINIDAT has also created a new QoS that allows users to control resource allocation and consumption at a very granular level, while providing a graceful, non-disruptive governance model based on tokenization of resources, and including a “burst allowance” for optimal SLA management.


InfiniBox R4 is available today for select deployments, and will be generally available later this month.


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