by Adam Armstrong

INFINIDAT Launches Several New Products Including A Public Cloud

Today INFINIDAT announced several new products that seek to lower costs while accelerating organizations digital transformations. The company is announcing a new hardened data bunker appliance, a data protection appliance, the latest InfiniBox model, and its public cloud storage service. These announcements come at the end of 18 quarters of revenue growth for INFINIDAT.

INFINIDAT states that most enterprise portfolios are disparate collections of products with incompatible features and APIs. This can add complexity, inefficiency, and raise costs to customers. The company as remedied this with its products, basing them all on its common foundational software platform, including:

  • Neural Cache, INFINIDAT’s machine learning algorithm that maximizes performance by finding hidden connections in data access patterns
  • InfiniRAID, which along with the INFINIDAT RAS architecture, provides seven nines (99.99999%) of availability while ensuring data integrity at multi-petabyte scale
  • InfiniSnap, INFINIDAT’s innovative timestamp-based snapshot mechanism that provides infinite copy data management and high-performance replication with no performance impact

Today’s announcements build off of the above. INFINIDAT’s new InfiniSync appliance is a ballistic hardened data bunker appliance. Weighing in at a cool 450 pounds (204 kg) the appliance comes with some bold claims. INFINIDAT states that it is the world’s first solution for zero RPO synchronous data mirroring over virtually infinite distance, with zero latency impact.

Another brand new appliance to the company’s line is the InfiniGuard. This application-aware data protection appliance has capacity up to 20PB. INFINIDAT claims lightning fast restores with the new appliance by leveraging Neural Cache technology, which also power its InfiniBox line. InfiniGuard works with Commvault, Veritas, Veeam, IBM Spectrum Protect, SAP, Oracle RMAN, VMware, and Microsoft Exchange.

INFINIDAT came to our attention a few years ago with its InfiniBox, its unified storage system with, what the company claims, an unprecedented reliability of 99.99999% uptime with a self-healing architecture, comprehensive end-to-end data verification, and high performance double-parity InfiniRAID. The company’s latest model, the InfiniBox F6212 has a maximum capacity of 8.3PB and is designed for use cases such as analytics, deep learning, and industrial IoT.

And finally, the company is announcing its public cloud service, Neutrix Cloud. This storage cloud offers high performance, multi-petabyte cloud file systems and block volumes. Neutrix is simultaneously accessible from Google, Azure, and AWS compute clouds. INFINIDAT goes on to state that its Neutrix Cloud is a pure OpEx service and can be employed standalone or with on-premises InfiniBox in hybrid cloud mode with a four second RPO (recovery point objective).


InfiniGuard is available now. InfiniSync and InfiniBox F612 are expected to be generally available on April 2, 2018. Neutrix Cloud is expected to be generally available in US-East and US-West by the end of April.

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