by Adam Armstrong

INFINIDAT Releases InfiniBox 3.0

Today INFINIDAT announced the latest version of its enterprise storage system, InfiniBox version 3.0. The new version adds several new features including performance enhancements that it is claiming allows it to deliver better than all-flash performance on real-world workloads. InfiniBox 3.0 also features iSCSI support, inline deduplication, and scalability up to 5PB per 42U rack.

Adding 8TB drives to the InfiniBox brings usable capacity to 5PB per 42U rack and the device keeps its 99.99999% availability. From a performance standpoint, InfiniBox 3.0 is claiming over 1 million IOPS throughput at sub-millisecond latency. With version 3.0, InfiniBox now uses patented algorithms to tier data to the appropriate storage and users can have up to 3TB of DRAM and 86TB of flash to optimize reads and writes.

Adding massive amounts of capacity is no good if it gets ate up in duplications. INFINIDAT is adding inline data compression with the bold claim that said compression will have no impact on performance. They aim to avoid the performance hit by adapting to data types and applications in use. These new compression features are designed to operate at scale.

InfiniBox supports multiple networking protocols including Fibre Channel, NFS, and now iSCSI. INFINIDAT claims that InfiniBox 3.0 can support all of these protocols while maintaining high performance, reliability, scalability and 100% of its feature set. These protocol supports also help companies support a wider variety of applications making InfiniBox a more attractive option.

What many IT admins are looking for, as well as several customers, are more analytical tools to help them both monitor equipment and better troubleshoot problems as they occur. InfiniBox 3.0’s new monitoring and analytics tools help customers monitor performance down to a granular level, revealing a detailed analysis of system and application performance in real-time. These new tools measure dozens of data path parameters and help admins quickly pinpoint any issue causing performance anomalies.

New features include:

  • 5 petabytes of usable storage capacity in a single rack before compression is activated
  • Faster than All-Flash performance for real-world workloads
  • Inline data compression
  • iSCSI Support
  • Enhanced performance analytics


While all InfiniBox arrays are currently available, InfiniBox 3.0 is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of this year. 

INFINIDAT InfiniBox Product page

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