by Adam Armstrong

INFINIDAT Updates And Expands Its InfiniBox Storage Family

Today INFINIDAT announced that it was expanding its InfiniBox Storage Family. The InfiniBox line now offers unified block and file support in a single rack. Though the InfiniBox known for having very high capacity (2PB per rack), it is now being offered in a more midrange system starting at 250TB, the InfiniBox F2000. And INFINIDAT is adding a near synchronous replication capability.

All new InfiniBox Storage devices will come is NAS functionality enabled and existing devices can have the functionality through a non-disruptive software update. This new NAS functionality is a native software-based NAS implementation, not a NAS front-end. The NAS capability is designed for hyperscale workloads and INFINIDAT states that it supports high performance access to thousands of files and multi-petabytes of capacity on a single file system. The new NAS functionality supports all of the features of INFINIDAT block storage including: a single automated management console, zero latency, non-blocking high performance snapshots, thin, smart clones, self-healing high-availability, hybrid disk/SSD infrastructure, and non-disruptive upgrades.

The first InfiniBox offered all kids of capacity at 2PB per rack. However, midrange businesses don’t typically need this amount of capacity nor do they desire to overprovision to such high levels. The latest InfiniBox, the F2000, is an 18U unit that starts off at 250TB but still carries all the benefits of its big brother, the F6000. These features include 99.99999% availability (less than 3 seconds of downtime per year), low power consumption (between 3-8 KW at peak), full management and provisioning automation, and ultra-high performance (the F6000 claims 750K IOPS and throughput of 12.5 GB/s).

The new asynchronous replication will also be available on all new units as well as available through a software update. INFINIDAT claims that this new replication feature is so efficient users will be able to set an RPO in less than 4 seconds as opposed to several minutes from competitive systems.

InfiniBox features include:

  • Simplicity - To reduce complexity, INFINIDAT has created a set of powerful software tools that provide state-of-the-art rapid provisioning, automated host configuration management, workflow best practice settings/compliance, and overall storage operations.
  • Availability – End-to-end data protection, triple redundant power and data paths, snapshots and replication, hot swap upgrades and many other reliability features built in to the core OS layer.
  • Capacity – InfiniBox systems start at 250TB and scale to up to 2PB of usable storage in a single rack.

Availability and pricing

The entire InfiniBox Family is available now starting at $1/GB. INFINIDAT’s unified storage and near sync replication are also available today through a non-disruptive update. There is no fee for the upgrades either; they are included in the base price of the units. The NAS capability is expected to be available in November 2015.

INFINIDAT InfiniBox Product page

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