by Adam Armstrong

InfiniteIO Announces General Availability Of The NSC-110

Today InfiniteIO announced the general availability of its NSC-110. The NSC-110 is what InfiniteIO calls the world’s only Network-based Storage Controller. InfiniteIO states that the NSC-110 can integrate private or public cloud storage into existing environments with no changes to applications, storage systems, or the user experience.

The NSC-110 sits in front of existing storage automatically and transparently migrating inactive data to the cloud, while all the data still appears local. All file storage applications are immediately cloud enabled. For the more frequently accessed data, there is local flash storage that provides the high performance needed. InfiniteIO claims companies can save up to 80% of inactive data storage. To back up this claim, the NSC-110 can be put in passive mode where it actually shows users the money saved. This gives IT the ability to figure cost savings while not putting any data at risk. Passive mode also displays data activity, making it easier to set up policies on which data is hot and which is cold.

The NSC-110 eases customer concerns surrounding security through multiple layers including encryption, local keys, sniblets, and multiple clouds. All encryption is done on-premise, so by time the data makes it to the cloud it has already been encrypted by the users. The data can’t be access by InfiniteIO or by anyone else that could potentially get into the account. Cloud providers won’t be able to access users’ data even in the event of a court order or national security letter. Encryption keys are protected in hardware by a TPM module, which includes tamper detection circuitry that zeros out the encryption keys if an attacker tries to extract them. Files being migrated to the cloud are compressed in 1MB blocks, called sniblets. Each sniblets has a unique session key and can be stored on multiple clouds for better security

Availability and pricing

The NSC-110 is available today and starts at $50,000.

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