by Adam Armstrong

InfiniteIO Releases New Application Accelerator

InfiniteIO released a new application accelerator that they state will deliver dramatic performance improvements for critical applications by processing file metadata independently from on-premises storage or cloud systems. This new accelerator is ideal for use cases such as AI/ML, HPC, and genomics. The company released new tiering software features as well.

In this modern era there seems to be a shifting cause for bottlenecks. Or unstructured data, as it has grown exponentially, the requests for file metadata have likewise grown causing a performance bottleneck. InfiniteIO already offers an InfiniteIO Metadata Engine (IME). Building off of that architecture, the company’s new release is stated to respond to file metadata requests directly from the network instead of the network-attached storage (NAS) or cloud storage system. According to the company, this will result in a reduction of latency from seconds resulting in faster data access and an improvement in application performance. 

Benefits include:

  • Completely offloads and responds to metadata requests at the speed of DRAM, which improves performance up to 50% for workloads such as machine learning training models
  • Delivers more than 3 million metadata operations per second, doubling the performance of the previous-generation product
  • Deploys without requiring changes to existing applications or storage systems
  • Supports enterprise growth by scaling to 1 billion files in a single node or 2 billion files in a clustered configuration
  • Enhances the performance of all NAS systems, even all-flash and NVMe arrays
  • Can be upgraded with high-performance data tiering capabilities

On the tiering software features front, IME can now simplify and accelerate tiering of cold data from primary NAS to lower-cost cloud storage. One of the simplifications include the ability to scan 1 billion files in a day and a new API for cloud usage charge-back. Performance enhancements can be seen from the fact that the software doesn’t recall metadata back from the cloud, this can save costs as well. 


The InfiniteIO Application Accelerator is available now. 

InfiniteIO Application Accelerator

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