by Thomas Sullivan

Intel Acknowledges Problems With Intel SSD 320s

Intel has recently acknowledged  issues with the new SSD 320 series, where by repetitively power cycling the drives, some may become unresponive or report an 8MB drive capacity. Through a statement to ZDNet, Intel confirmed that they are aware of the issue and are currently investigating the problem. This bug was also reported on the Intel support forums, where some members had been experiencing this problem.

Currently the issue doesn't appear to be very wide-spread. In our labs neither our single 300GB or two 160GB SSD 320s have shown signs of this problem. With the problem currently stemming from repetitive power cycling, we do caution readers who own this drive not to be excessive with rapid power cycles until a firmware patch has been released. Another safe tip, which is true for all HDDs and SSDs alike, is making sure you have a current backup of all your important information.

Update - Intel Working on New SSD 320 Firmware

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