by Adam Armstrong

Intel Announced its 8th Gen Core Processors

Today Intel announced details around its 8th generation Core processors. The company is announcing new mobile and desktop CPUs as well as its new Intel 300 Series chipsets. The latest generation CPUs also adds support for its popular Optane technology in both the Optane Memory and the more standard Optane SSDs.

Intel is probably most known to the layperson for its CPUs. The latest generation comes with the higher-performance yet in the Core i9 processors. This will be the first release of i9 and 6 core CPUs for laptops. Mobile computing is becoming increasingly popular and with this in mind, Intel announced the highest performance CPU’s for laptops that leverage Thermal Velocity Boost. The new Intel 300 Series Chipset is stating as enhancing audio and I/O as well as Integrated Intel Wireless-AC with Gigabit throughput and integrated USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gb/s). The new laptops will be the first that can leverage the caching power of Optane Memory.

On mobile processors that aren’t as geared as high-performance (more day to day stuff), Intel introduced CPUs with 4 cores, 8 threads and with its IRIS Plus graphics. The 300 Series chipset also comes with these CPUs giving the same benefits as the above. Intel announced more on-package eDRAM as well, now 128MB.

The company introduced 8th generations Core Processors for desktops as well. Intel went on to state what consumers could expect with the new processors. Compared to a 5-year old system (as desktops aren’t traditionally upgraded every time a newer version comes out), users can expect a 2.5x increase in system responsiveness and a 2.1x increase in office productivity. Gamers can expect 4.3x faster level loads and 2.2x faster launch times. Content creators can expect 3.8x media project load and the ability to edit media 1.6x faster. 

Intel Core Processors 

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