by Adam Armstrong

Intel Announces More 7th Gen CPU & Optane Details

Leading up to CES this year, Intel is trickling out some more details for its 7th generation Core processors (Kaby Lake). First announced back in August of 2016, Intel is announcing the full line of 7th generation Core processor families today. On top of that, Intel is also announcing its Optane Memory Ready Program. This program reveals a few more details about Intel’s new memory product.

Intel is widely known for its processors, when one thinks of high performing CPUs, Intel is usually one of the first, if not the first name that comes to mind. The new desktop CPU’s come with the promise of higher performance and better productivity that each new generation comes with. What’s new here with the Kaby Lake is the ability to stream 4K ultra high-definition content that is becoming more and more prevalent in homes around the world. Something else the new CPU family can enhance is the growing VR and modern gaming that is currently expanding at incredible rates.

In July of 2015, Intel and Micron jointly announced a new NAND Technology that was dubbed 3D XPoint (pronounced cross point). Each company came up with their own version, Intel renaming their version as Optane. Aside from the name and some performance numbers, both companies have been playing it close to the chest. Today, Intel is finally revealing a few details.

Optane is a new type of non-volatile memory (NVM). It comes in two capacities 16GB or 32GB and is to be used as an accelerator. Using a M.2 motherboard slot, an Optane module can be paired with a high capacity HDD or SATA SSD to boost performance while maintaining capacity. Intel claims users can se SSD-like speeds from higher capacity HDDs. Aside from that, Intel is still keeping most of the details under wraps, this includes actual performance numbers, pricing, and when exactly the product will be released.


The new 7th generation Core CPUs are shipping now. While no date has been nailed down as of yet, Intel states that we can expect to see Optane products in the second quarter of 2017. 

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