by Mark Kidd

Intel Confirms RAID0 TRIM Support on 7-Series Chipsets

Intel 7-series chipsets with Rapid Storage Technology (RST) 11.2 drivers will support TRIM for RAID 0 in Microsoft Windows 7, functionality we first reported when a reference to RAID 0 TRIM appeared in the RST 11.5 alpha release notes. A spokesperson for Intel has also confirmed an update to the RST driverset that is in development that will provide Intel 7-series TRIM support for RAID 0 in Windows 8.
Intel RST Key Features
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
  • Matrix RAID
  • RAID migration and RAID level migration
  • Intel Rapid Recover Technology
  • AHCI support
Intel’s RAID0 TRIM support provides a competitive advantage in a market where many RAID solutions still require their controllers to operate in AHCI mode to support TRIM. Operating without TRIM with certain SSDs can decrease performance over time or as the drives reach their capacity.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Drivers

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