by Adam Armstrong

Intel & Micron To Go Their Separate Ways On NAND Development

Intel and Micron announced today that they were updating the joint development program on NAND. The two companies will complete the 3D NAND projects that they are jointly working on for the rest of this year and into next. After that, the two companies will begin developing 3D NAND technology independent of each other.

The two companies have been working together for some time on their second-generation of 3D NAND (64 layer) technology. They have also worked tightly together on 3D XPoint (Intel’s version is Optane and Micron’s is QuantX). The companies will continue to work together on their 3D XPoint products, for the time being.

The decision seems amicable and the two companies will continue to work together on other projects. From a customer perspective, the two companies working on their own NAND in the future can lead to more innovation and potentially lower prices.  

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