by Michael Rink

Intel Reaches 1.5TB On New Optane SSD

Intel has been steadily working to increase the storage capacity of their Optane (3D XPoint) line of SSDs. Like the rest of their Optane line, the new drives are blisteringly fast with read/write latencies under eleven microseconds. Most recently, they released 905p models in both Half Height Half Length (HHHL) Add-in-Card format and 2.5 x 15mm, Small Form Factor U.2. Both form factors have versions boasting capacities of 960GB and 1.5TB. Large enough to be seriously tempting for enthusiast home consumers and enterprises.

We reviewed the smaller Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X just last month. The performance is pretty similar, and both use the same PCIe 3x4, NVMe interface. Impressively, the 905p boasts slightly higher random read/write performance clocking in at 575K/5505 IOPS versus the P4800X's 550/500K IOPS.

  • Bandwidth: Sustained Sequential Read/Write: Up to 2,700 / 2,200 MB/s 
  • IOPS: Random 4KB Random Read/Write: Up to 575,000 / 550,000 IOPS 
  • Read/Write Latency : <10 μs /< 11 μs 
  • DWPD: 10

The price does match the performance. I haven’t seen pricing for the 1.5TB models yet, but the 960GB models I’ve seen have all been North of $1,000. As long as this technology continues to remain in excess of $1/GB it is going to be a tough sell to consumers who have gotten used to ever cheaper drives.

Intel Optane 905p Series 

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