by Brian Beeler

Intel SSD Toolbox v2.0 Released

Intel has updated their SSD management software. Version 2.0 features new tools including a System Configuration Tuner and Secure Erase function, which is handy and mitigates the need for a third party application. 

The System Configuration Tuner checks the system configuration and optimizes settings for best performance, power efficiency and endurance. It checks settings of four key functions; Superfetch/prefetch, ReadyBoost, DIPM—power management and Disk Defragmenter and tweaks them appropriately for the SSD user. 

Secure Erase restores the SSD to a factory state. SSD owners typically rely on third party applications to handle this function now. 

The toolbox is free for Intel drive owners. In addition to these new functions, the SSD Toolbox also includes an SSD Optimization tool which is recommended to be run weekly and a diagnostics program.

Download Intel SSD Toolbox v2.0

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