by Michael Rink

International Computer Concepts Releases Strata With Lightbits

International Computer Concepts and Lightbits Labs released STRATA storage at the Flash Memory Summit on August 6th, 2019. STRATA storage is the first product to come from the two companies’ partnership and provides an NVMe over TCP storage rack unit running Lightbits Labs' LightOS. ICC was founded in 1993 and primarily partners with other companies to simplify their IT purchasing process. Lightbits Labs was founded more recently in 2016 and is one of the most ardent proponents of NVMe over TCP technology.

International Computer Concepts STRATA rack units combine standard network technologies with NVMe drives. Lightbits LightOS provides a software-defined storage layer for the rack unit that offers data reduction, thin provisioning, and Erasure Coding protection to ensure service and data availability. International Computer Concepts is currently offering four versions of STRATA with flexible capacities of up to 96TB. The single 2U form factor offering can hold up to 24 NVMe drives. There are three flavors of 1U form factors. The first variety provides dual nodes in a single unit with 14 NVMe ruler drives per node. The remaining two versions both provide a single node with 10 NVMe drive. The main distinguishing feature between them is if they have Smart NIC enabled.

ICC is marketing STRATA for the following use cases:

  • Video Effects: 4k/8k video-sharing as well as editorial shops and raw footage processing
  • Financial Services and High-Frequency Trading: Fast storage used for capture host, distributed research environment for market data and caching layer for research clusters
  • Hosting/Cloud: High transaction database, storage caching layer
  • High-performance computing: Workflow automation and acceleration 




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