by Charles Jefferies

Iomega Intros New Portable Hard Drives

Iomega partnered with Skin Industries to provide custom Skin-branded graphics on the portable hard drives. For those who want a more custom flavor from their external storage devices, now you have a few more options in a 500GB capacity. 

There are three Skin-branded portable hard drives; each has 500GB of space and is powered by and connected via USB 2.0.

"Radical" Skin: retro Skin-branded printed logo design on a black top with a yellow base.

"Red Hot" Skin: Skin Swipe logo printing on a red top with a black base.

"Knock Out" Skin: Skin Gothic logo design on a silver top with a black base.

All of the drives come with Iomega's Drop Guard protection, which can help protect the drive from accidental drops. Additionally, all of the drives come with Iomega's software package that includes a 12-month subscription to Trend Micro's Internet Security software, backup software and access to Iomega's online storage platform. 

Availability and Pricing

The Iomega Skin-branded external portable hard drives are available now for $119.99.

Iomega Skin Drives Product Page

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