by Lyle Smith

Iomega StorCenter px12-450r Network Storage Array Now Shipping

Iomega has announced the worldwide availability of their new Iomega StorCenter px12-450r 12-bay Network Storage Array, multi-protocol networked data storage for small and medium business, remote office/branch office installations and distributed enterprises. The StorCenter px12-450r comes equipped with the new Intel Xeon Processor E3-1200 v2 Product Family, 8GB RAM, improved user supportability, and the option of 4TB HDDs. The StorCenter px12-450r, successor to the px12-350r, takes advantage of the latest version of the EMC LifeLine software, which is an advanced operating system that makes EMC's enterprise class expertise and cloud capabilities available to a large variety of users.

The px12-450r Network Storage Array is built for advanced tasks such as deduplication, VDI, database and storage-based applications. Examples of emerging applications include video management systems for surveillance as well as McAfee VirusScan Enterprise running natively on the storage. As an integral part of the storage solution, the StorCenter px12-450r is equipped with new low-power Intel Xeon Processor E3-1265L v2 in addition to 8GB memory. Its multicore processor performs significantly well with multi-threaded storage workloads such as multi-LUN iSCSI and multi-client virtual desktop infrastructure. Additionally, with its 8GB memory, the px12-450r easily supports memory-intensive tasks like the Avamar source-based deduplicating agent, which is included with all Iomega StorCenter PX series storage products.

The StorCenter px12-450r is available in both diskless and partially populated configurations; the diskless model only being available in international markets. This gives users the ability to start small in regards to storage capacity, allowing them to use their own HDDs and to grow as needed. The px12-450r is compatible with a variety of 1TB, 2TB, and 3TB consumer and server class HDDs, in addition to 4TB HDDs, which are newly available with the px12-450r. Iomega includes enterprise SATA drives with all product configurations and expansion drives for the px12-450r to ensure the highest reliability possible.
The px12-450r also supports SSDs, which is ideal for large amounts of small block random I/O workloads like virtualization and database. The px12-450r improves on the px12-350r's user serviceability with its new mechanical design, allowing users to replace the processor by simply removing two thumbscrews. All product configurations include disk drive trays.

One of the biggest advantages of using the new Intel Xeon Processor is that the StorCenter px12-450r can handle advanced workloads to increase the lifespan of the network storage array for end users. With its multicore processor and 8GB of memory, it can handle the next generation of storage-based applications. The px12-450r is equipped with 2 PCIe slots for adding I/O connectivity. The StorCenter px12-450r is the industry's only storage array under $10K running the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise product natively on the storage. The px12-450r can also run Linux applications created with Iomega's LifeLine Software Development Kit.

Priving and Availability

The Iomega StorCenter px12-450r Network Storage Array is now available worldwide. All product configurations include enterprise SATA HDDs; with the exception of the diskless model. Pricing starts at $6,999.99 for the entry level 4TB model.

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