by Charles Jefferies

ioSafe Rugged External SSD Announced

ioSafe today introduced its Solo SSD, an external solid state disk (SSD) storage device designed to protect data in extreme circumstances such as fires, floods, and building collapses. The Solo SSD features a military grade external casing and is shock proof since SSDs have no moving parts (unlike hard drives).

Data on the drive will be protected against a two-story building collapsing, 5000 lb. crush forces, a 20-ft drop into rubble, and up to a 1000g shock. The drive will last for 30 days in 30 feet of fresh or salt water, and up to a half-hour in fire temperatures of up to 1550*F.

The Solo SSD comes with ioSafe’s “no questions asked” data recovery service as do all of the company’s products. It features both USB and eSATA external connectors. Pricing is $499 for 64GB, $749 for 128GB, and $1,250 for 256GB. It will be available starting 17 Feb 2010.

Solo SSD Product Link