by Adam Armstrong

Iron Mountain Introduces Cloud Archive Solution

Earlier this week Iron Mountain Inc. announced its new Cloud Archive offering. Iron Mountain states that this offering will offer a cost-effective, scalable repository for organizations needing to protect and preserve data retained short or long term for compliance, legal or value-creation purposes. This solution can scale to meet customer needs as their data grows while keeping everything secure and easy to access at Iron Mountain’s Underground Facility in Boyers, Pennsylvania.

Most companies are seeing a massive growth in data over the last few years. Big Data and the Internet of Things will only push this growth of data to increase. Some companies must comply with regulations on data retention but more and more realize that the data being collected can provide valuable insights to give them a competitive edge. The largest problem companies will soon face is that their SAN and NAS storage won’t be able to scale in a quick enough or cost-effective method. This will lead to more and more companies looking to cloud storage, such as the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive.

Based off of EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), which is a software-defined, object-based cloud storage platform that provides global, petabyte-level scalability with compelling economics to customers, the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive doesn’t require on-premise storage infrastructure, such as tape or disk. Not having the physical storage on-premise eliminates the costs associated with managing and upgrading this infrastructure. This solution also eliminates the need of migration from one generation of tape or disk to another. Iron Mountain Cloud Archive works with S3 API,OpenStack SWIFT, CAS, Aos and cloud gateways like EMC CloudBoost, CloudArray and Isilon Cloud Pools technologies, or Nasuni, Panzura, Seven10 and CTERA.


The Iron Mountain Cloud Archive is available now.

Iron Mountain Cloud Archive

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