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JetStream Software Unveils Continuous Cross-Cloud Data Protection Software

Just days before VMworld in Las Vegas, which they have confirmed they will be exhibiting at, JetStream Software is announcing their solution for data protection; the clearly named  JetStream Data Protection.  Leveraging their experience with VMware IO Filters and background with non-volatile memory they've developed a solution that can provide DR (disaster recovery) and CDP (continuous data protection)as a cloud service.

The JetStream Data Protection software will join the rest of JetStream's Cross-Cloud Data Management Platform and and is expected to provide a spectrum of data protection capabilities for an on-premises VMware environment, including:

  • Non-disruptive continual data replication to the cloud for recovery and failover
  • Virtual machine failover to a cloud-based business continuity service
  • Virtual machine backup to cloud-based NFS stores and/or object stores
  • Policy-based availability for SLA management per recovery group
  • multiple, concurrent availability policies, assigned per recovery group
  • Anticipate 5-10 µs latency logging on non-volatile memory
  • Continuous Data Capture Through IO Filters
  • Full VMware support

Unlike many backup technologies that capture data in snapshots, JetStream continuously captures data and so significantly reduces the amount of risk companies expose themselves to.  Even better, JetStream's use of input/output filters to capture the data is expected to avoid a number of performance and compatibility problems that other approaches like software agents or virtual appliances impose.

In VMware environments, the JetStream solution enables continuous data capture through the VMware vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO), promising compatibility with the entire VMware environment, including any type of on-premises hardware such as SAN, NAS, Virtual SAN or other hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Because it employs the VAIO framework for continuous data capture, the solution doesn’t require software agents in the virtual machines, doesn’t require a virtual appliance in the data path, and is a fully supported VMware Ready solution.

The JetStream Software engineering team collaborated with VMware as the co-design partner for the IO Filter API framework. JetStream Software has already released two products based on the IO Filter APIs: JetStream Accelerate for cloud resource and performance optimization and JetStream Migrate for seamless live migration of VMs to the cloud.


JetStream Data Protection is in technology preview and there is no firm date for its release.

JetStream Software

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