by Josh Shaman

Kaminario Announces K2 Version 4 with All Flash

Kaminario is announcing the release of their K2 all-Flash storage array that is now in its fourth generation and provides top-level performance to medium-sized businesses. The Kaminario K2 v4 is based on SPEAR (Scale-Out Performance Storage Architecture), which means that not only do the systems benefit from scaling-up capacities, but also enhanced compute power. This architecture enables enterprises to increase their capacity without decreasing their IOPS and bandwith and without raising their systems' latency. This level of performance makes the Kaminario K2 v4 perfect for just about any workload or application.

The latest iteration Kaminario K2 v4 has several enhancements to improve system performance. The K2 v4 has 400% more read and write bandwidth, 120 microsecond writes and high-end IOPS. For organizations that need to maximize the capacity they get out of a system, the K2 has increased density 500% while shrinking its footprint to be 400% more efficient. It's significant to note that those performance and system specs now come at half the price for improved value.

On top of those updates, Kaminario has included others on the K2 v4. The system enables non-disruptive upgrades and Kaminario guarantees performance regardless of the failure type with a typical impact at less than 10%. To ensure data security and to recover in the event of failures, the system also provides users with snapshots to keep the system safe and easy to backup. Also simplifying the experience, the K2 v4 has plug and play hot-swappable SAS drives. The K2 v4 also adds support for VDI environments including VMware VAAI, OpenStack cloud computing and RESTful API. With that support comes customization; organizations can select iSCSI or Fibre Channel connections.

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