by Adam Armstrong

Kaminario Announces New K2 All-Flash Array At Less Than $1 Per GB

Today Kaminario announced that the latest version of its K2, v5.5, of its all-flash array. The latest version will cut the price-per-gigabyte in half from its previous version, down to $1/GB. Kaminario is also deploying 3D TLC drives in its new array. Kaminario offers this new system to midrange enterprises and it includes native array-based replication and the company’s Perpetual Array program.

Aside from offering cost-effective capacity, the K2 v5.5 will continue to guarantee effective capacity. Customers will get new hardware at no expense if they can’t store to the capacity that is guaranteed. Combine this guarantee with the less than $1/GB and customers will have more benefits at up to 46% lower costs than the competition.

Price isn’t the only new, attractive feature of the K2 v5.5. Kaminario is also offering high-capacity, data center-ready 3D TLC SSDs. These SSDs will help increase density to the point where customers can expect to see 360TB per K-Block and a single K2 array that can be scale into multiple petabytes. Not only are these SSDs higher in capacity, they have high endurance and are backed by Kaminario’s 7-year warranty. These drives make moving all active data to flash an enticing option with the K2’s optimization for writing to SSDs and inline data reduction.

The new K2 v5.5 also features native array-based asynchronous replication. This replication is based off of K2’s snapshot capabilities and is including at no extra cost. Customers are able to replicate data anywhere across multiple K2 arrays and use this function for Disaster recovery. This would make the K2 v5.5 the first all-flash array that can be used in both data centers and DR sites.

To further sweeten the deal, the K2 v5.5 also comes with Kaminario’s Perpetual Array program. This program helps customers with support for any and all hardware added to their K2. Customers will be able to mix and match different generations within the same array. This will lead to easier upgrades and retiring of older equipment without forklift upgrades and disruptive data migration.


The Kaminario K2 v5.5 is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2015. Existing customers can receive all the benefits of v5.5 through a non-disruptive upgrade.

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