by Lyle Smith

Kaminario Boasts Over 2 Million IOPS and 20 GB/s Throughput on a Single All-Flash K2 Storage System

Kaminario, provider of scalable, high-performance, enterprise-class SSD SAN storage solutions, announced that it has achieved industry-leading performance of greater than 2 million IOPS and 20 GB/s throughput on a single MLC-based all-flash K2 storage system. The 2M IOPS and 20 GB/s throughput was achieved using workload of random reads on a single K2 system containing 60 TBs of usable MLC flash storage. The 2M IOPS is three times faster than its leading competitor, while the 20 GB/s throughput is five times better.

The feat was achieved with less than 1 millisecond latency, which is 4 times better than its closest competitor. Kaminario’s SPC-1 benchmark result of 1.22M IOPS demonstrates that the K2 can support a very large number of IOPS without increasing latency. K2’s Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture (SPEAR) ability has enabled Kaminario to scale performance linearly while maintaining the lowest latency in the industry.

The K2 also provides end-to-end, self-healing high-availability and fast, high-volume data protection, including N+1 redundancy, automatic failover, high-volume snapshots and hot-swappable components for powerful and efficient operation.