by Adam Armstrong

Kaminario Launches All-NVMe Version Of K2

Today Kaminario announced it would be launching two new products. The company is no stranger to all-flash with its popular K2 line; today they are taking the next logical step and announcing an all-NVMe version of K2, K2.N. Kaminario is also announcing a platform for managing and orchestrating composable storage infrastructure, Kaminario Flex.

Kaminario recently received some fairly high accolades being recognized by Gartner for achieving the highest score for Online Transaction Processing, Analytics, and High Performance Computing. The company is seizing on this momentum, as well as its existing technology, while leveraging the performance potential of NVMe and NVMe over Fabric (NVMeF).

Sharing several of the same benefits and features of K2 and is powered by VisionOS, the new K2.N is a scale-out, active-active array that leverage NVMe drives for storage and a backend based on converged Ethernet and NVMeF. Along with NVMeF, the K2.N also supports fibre channel and iSCSI front-end connections. The array is comprised of controller nodes (referred to as c.nodes) and JBOFs (referred to as media nodes or m.nodes) all connected through a shared NVMeF fabric. To create an active-active cluster, customers need only to buy two c.nodes and any number of m.nodes.

Additional features of K2.N include:

  • No constraints on the ratio between c.nodes and m.nodes. With different types of c.nodes and m.nodes available, customers see optimized performance and capacity, and can scale their infrastructure according to business needs
  • The K2.N is optimized for leveraging the low-latency NVMe interconnect delivering performance increases of more than 2x and performance density increases up to 4x
  • Collaborative development with leading hardware technology suppliers including AIC, Broadcom, Brocade, Intel, Mellanox and Supermicro

Enhanced performance and potentially enhanced density is only as good as its management platform, enter Kaminario Flex. Flex orchestrates K2.N resources to help deliver enhanced operational efficiency and organizational agility. Through the Flex dashboard, customer can dynamically configure K2.N resources and create virtual private arrays (VPAs). VPAs have all of the benefits of traditional arrays with the advantage of dynamic scaling out or up at the orchestration level, meaning no need to add drives or nodes (assuming the existing ones cover the storage needs). This ability is advantageous in building cloud-scale, shared storage infrastructure.

Additional features of Flex include:

  • Seamless integration with VisionOS management utilities and the Kaminario Clarity cloud-based analytics environment
  • A rich set of APIs for integration with application layer, data center orchestration, automation and ITIL software platforms


K2.N is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2018. K2 will continue to be sold alongside K2.N.  Kaminario Flex is expected to be available in the second half of 2018.

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