by Adam Armstrong

Kaminario Now Utilizes FalconStor’s FreeStor On Its K2 AFA

FalconStor Softwre Inc. and Kaminario announced that they will be leveraging FreeStor in the K2 All-Flash Array v5.5. FreeStor, an intelligent software defined platform, will enhance the K2 by providing enterprise-class data migration and multi storage vendor replication features that quickly and efficiently meet the stringent customer requirements of today’s complex datacenter ecosystems.

The new Kaminario K2 v5.5 features native array-based asynchronous replication. This replication is based off of K2’s snapshot capabilities and is including at no extra cost. Customers are able to replicate data anywhere across multiple K2 arrays and use this function for Disaster recovery. This would make the K2 v5.5 the first all-flash array that can be used in both data centers and DR sites.

FreeStor has an Intelligent Abstraction core that allows data in all of its forms to migrate across all platforms by optimizing the storage resources into a storage resource pool that can be provisioned to physical or virtual applications. It also virtualizes almost any storage environment – modern or legacy, virtual or physical; this would be a serious plus for IT departments looking to utilize new solutions such as flash, software-defined storage, and the cloud while still being able to use their existing solutions. Data can be moved non-disruptively from any location to another. Not only will FreeStor allow data migration between all types of storage solutions, regardless of age, but also customers should see significant performance improvements (over 1 million IOPS per IO cluster).

When combining the two technologies, customers would be able to migrate data between arrays (even if the arrays are different than Kaminario) and they will get superior disaster recovery capabilities. FreeStor will also allow a K2 v5.5 AFA to be added to an existing legacy data center where data can be migrated from older arrays onto the new faster K2.

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