by Adam Armstrong

Kaminario & Splunk Partner To Accelerate Autonomous Data Center Deployment

Today Kaminario released a K2 App for Splunk Enterprise. This application is designed to provide enterprise customers with intuitive dashboards and sophisticated analytics for the Kaminario K2 all-flash array. The two companies are also announcing a partnership that shows the benefits of running Splunk Analytics on the Kaminario K2 storage platform.

Everyone is now looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition. In recent years it has been discovered that extremely valuable insights can be gained through analytics. The new K2 App will not only give users actionable insight into real-time operational infrastructure it will do so by automatically streaming syslog, audits and log-on information into dashboards, alerts and reports.

Kaminario K2 is an all-flash appliance that can greatly accelerate performance of applications. Running Splunk on K2 can help eliminate bottlenecks for Splunk’s heavy machine learning-based processing.


The K2 App for Splunk Enterprise is available now.

Kaminario K2 App for Splunk Enterprise

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