by Brian Beeler

Kingston to Pair with SandForce for HyperX SSDs [CES 2011]

Just when you thought SandForce had all the licensees they needed, along comes a yet unannounced deal with Kingston.  We found out tonight that Kingston will be using a SandForce processor, though it's not thought to be the SF-1200, in a line of SSDs most likely due mid-year. The Kingston HyperX SSD family as it will be called is going to be targeted at the enthusiast market, while their current line of SSDs branded SSDNow will continue to be available. 

Other details will be released when Kingston and SandForce formally announce the deal, but we do know Kingston is using Toshiba MLC NAND in their HyperX SSD and we should see capacities up to 512GB. 

Update 6/2/11 - Kingston HyperX SSD Announced

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