by Lyle Smith

LaCie Shipping 5TB Capacities For Its 5big Thunderbolt, 2big Thunderbolt, and d2 Thunderbolt Desktop Drives

​LaCie has announced the availability of 5TB, 7200 rpm hard-drive capacities in its 5big Thunderbolt Series, 2big Thunderbolt Series, and d2 Thunderbolt Series of external storage solutions. With growing file formats for film and photography, the demand for more storage capacity has been driven even further. The availability of 5TB hard drives gives LaCie the ability to offer significantly more storage capacity all the while using the same compact desktop designs, saving valuable desktop space. LaCie is the first vendor to offer support for 5TB drives in their line of desktop storage devices.

LaCie’s 5big Thunderbolt now features up to 25TB in storage space, making it the largest 5-bay storage solution on the market today. Additionally, its industry-leading speeds of up to 785 MB/s makes it ideal for video professionals with a Thunderbolt-enabled computer to drive 4K workflows. Photography professionals will find the larger capacities of the d2 Thunderbolt and 2big Thunderbolt very attractive, which have the same speedy transfer rates as well as responsive photo browsing that they rely on. The new capacities are also available on the LaCie 2big Quadra and d2 Quadra storage solutions.

While the drive inside has not been disclosed, it's a certainty that a Seagate drive resides inside these new LaCie products. Seagate hasn’t officially announced their desktop 5TB drive yet but this is not uncommon, as many new hard drives drives often first show up in branded products (externals and the like) before making their way into retail and OEM distribution.

The announced LaCie professional storage solutions are backed by a three-year limited warranty, which includes comprehensive, complimentary web-based resources, expert in-house technical support, and worldwide repair/replacement coverage. Warranty extensions and Advance Care Option are also available for purchase.

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