Older Reviews from Testbed2, Testbed1, DVD/CD Testbed, and RAID Testbed (March 1998 - November 2001)

November 2001
29 November 2001  
Western Digital's WD1200BB delivers the largest capacities yet seen in a 7200 RPM low-profile drive. Does the 1200BB live up to its heritage? Join SR as we subject WD's latest to our brand-new Testbed3 methodology!
19 November 2001  
A mere 3 weeks ago, the Escalade 7x50 series was to be 3ware's last ATA RAID series ever.  But then came the good news of 3ware's change of heart -- the 7x50 series will not, as it turns out, be the last ATA RAID series from 3ware. 

Relative to the 7x10 series, the 7x50 series is optimized for RAID 5 at the firmware level.  Are there significant performance differences?  Let's find out...

9 November 2001  
At long last, StorageReview.com finally debuts its third-generation testbed! This comprehensive overhaul brings changes to the hardware, operating systems, benchmarks, and methodology behind SR. Consistent test platforms featuring a minimum of change have been the hallmark of SR over the last three years. This is as close as it gets to required reading for both site regulars as well as the occasional visitor. How will future drives be judged? What motives exist behind the changes? What do the new benchmarks measure? How do more than 20 of today's drives stack up under this new scrutiny? All this and more is answered in this sweeping article. You can't afford to miss this one!

October 2001
31 October 2001  
Promise's SuperTrak100 suffered from a rather inauspicious start when contrasted with competition from Adaptec and 3Ware. Now, however, the ATA RAID leader takes a second stab with the SuperTrak SX6000. Has it fixed the flaws of its predecessor? Let's take a look!
24 October 2001  
Lite-On Corporation has made great headway this past year in their optical product line. Here at SR, we first experienced their 16X burner back in August of this year. A mere two months later, we've already gone through their entire lineup, including the recent followup to their 16X CD-RW, the LTR-24102B. Sporting 24X writes, 10X rewrites and 40X reads, Lite-On's new flagship takes on Plextor's PX-W2410TA, Yamaha's CRW2200E and Ricoh's MP7200A. Does Lite-On bring any fresh technology to the table? Do they continue their tradition of great bang-for-the-buck? Can the LTR-24102B outright dethrone the Plextor from its coveted Leaderboard throne? Let's take a look!
11 October 2001  
Seagate's Cheetah 36ES is the newest drive from the SCSI powerhouse. But is it the successor to the older 36XL, a 36 gig version of the flagship 73LP, or an entry-level SCSI drive? Perhaps the drive's performance will give us clues. Come with us as we put the 36ES through its paces!
10 October 2001  
At a time when many optical manufacturers are touting their 20X and 24X offerings, Samsung Electronics has taken a different approach, choosing a flagship drive with 16X writes, 10X rewrites and 32X reads.  Using JustLink and JustSpeed technologies, the Samsung SW-216B targets itself at the budget consumer.  How does it compare to other 16X burners on the market?  Join us as we find out.
9 October 2001  
Maxtor's DiamondMax Plus D740X follows the 'Cuda ATA IV as the next 7200 RPM drive to feature 40 GB/platter. How does it stack up to Seagate's drive as well as formidable offerings from Western Digital? Does the first 7200 RPM Maxtor to cross the SR testbed in nine months deliver? Come and see!
8 October 2001  
SR brings you an interesting look at how two physical variables, seek time and buffer size, impact drive performance. Changes in the acoustic management modes on Seagate's Barracuda ATA IV yield a lower measured seek time than the figure that we presented in our initial review. This reduction affords us a chance to examine seek time's effect on higher-level tests. Western Digital, meanwhile, introduces a Special Edition of its Caviar WD1000BB. The SE quadruples buffer sizes to 8 megabytes, the first increase for an ATA drive in nearly three years. As all other specs remain the same, this delivers a unique opportunity to examine the effects of a larger cache in today's environment.
1 October 2001  
Fujitsu 15,000 RPM MAM is the latest to challenge Seagate's dominance of the high-performance SCSI market. The Cheetah X15-36LP presents a formidible target. Can the MAM succeed against such long odds? Join SR as it becomes the first site to comparatively review all current-generation 15K RPM Drives!

September 2001
20 September 2001  
Rounding out our look of Lite-On's optical line is a review of their 52X CD-ROM, the LTN526S. Featuring an 80 ms access time and "high speed" audio extraction, the LTN526S stands poised to take on competitors from Afreey, Artec and Creative Labs, among others. How does it do? Come with us as we determine.
18 September 2001  
Over the past few months, Seagate's 4th-generation Barracuda ATA has generated an unprecedented amount of fervor. Seagate has finally managed to get one into our hands. The results are in. Does the 'Cuda ATA IV deliver? Let's find out!
12 September 2001  
While today's latest DVD-ROMs still have not progressed past 16X (21.6 MB/sec) DVD reads, Lite-On has pushed CD read speeds up to 48X (7200 KB/sec) with their LTD163.  Rumor has it that this drive also does 48X CAV digital audio extraction.  If true, this would make it the quickest single-beam audio extractor in existence!  Come with us as we examine this drive and see how it holds up compared to competition from Pioneer, Artec and others.
5 September 2001  
Though Western Digital managed to get us a sample of the WD1000BB first, Maxtor's 536DX was actually the first ATA unit to hit 100 GB of capacity. How does this monster stack up? We bring you the scoop!

August 2001
30 August 2001  
Though the sun sets on Fujitsu's ATA drives, StorageReview.com owes readers one last look. Come with us as we put the Japanese manufacturer's last 7200 RPM ATA drive through its paces.
27 August 2001  
It seems like only yesterday that 12X burners hit the scene with a force, knocking 50% off of 8X write times.  At the time, the question was asked, "How much faster can they get?"  16X came knocking on the door.  However, with 16X writes came high spindle speeds at the innermost tracks.  Since all burners to this point wrote at constant speeds (thus varying spindle speed), it didn't seem possible to increase burn speeds any further.  Drive manufacturers, however, pulled an old trick from their sleeves by introducing variable write speeds.  Some chose the Partial CAV path; others chose something called Zone CLV.  With their implementation of 24X writes, Plextor is among the latter.  What is Zone CLV?  How does it allow for higher writes?  What else does Plextor bring to the table with their latest burner?  These, among other questions, will be answered.
23 August 2001  
As CD-RW popularity continues to expand, more and more players arrive to market with offerings of their own.  Lite-On has historically been a big player in the CD-ROM drive market -- both in Taiwan as well as worldwide. They've only recently started to manufacturer burners though.  Nontheless, Lite-On is gaining respect with solid, economical offerings.  Their latest is a 16/10/40 unit(soon to be replaced with a 24X model!)recently put through SR's benchmark trials.  Come with us as we compare this drive to other 16X offerings as well as more recent 20X drives.
20 August 2001  
Fujitsu's MAN series of 10k RPM drives is the third of a new generation to make its way into the SR testbed. How does it stack up against the Maxtor Atlas 10k III and Seagate's Cheetah 73LP? SR takes a look!
14 August 2001  
Entry level RAID's popularity continues unabated. Enthusiasts everywhere pursue greater performance by striping or mirroring inexpensive ATA drives. Yet what kind of gains should one expect? StorageReview.com's exploration of low-cost raid solutions continues with a face-off look at the IWill SIDE-RAID100 and Adaptec's ATA RAID 1200A.
9 August 2001  
With Ricoh and Sanyo developing Zone-CLV write strategies, Yamaha takes the conservative approach by retaining the Partial-CAV write style they started with their 16X writer. This write strategy combines lowered spindle speeds with the elimination of zone "links", providing an alternative option for consumers leery of the gaps that BURN-Proof and JustSpeed introduce. Join us now as we put the Yamaha CRW2200E through its paces and compare it to the best from Ricoh, Plextor and Teac!
7 August 2001  
Western Digital is the first manufacturer to hit triple-digit capacities in a low-profile 7200 RPM drive. WD has been on a roll lately... does the Caviar WD1000BB continue the streak? Join us as we take a look at a 100-gigabyte 7200 RPM drive!
2 August 2001  
Artronix Technology (Artec) is a relative newcomer to the US optical drive market.  When we reviewed their 16X DVD-ROM, Artec drives were extremely hard to find.  Today, more online resellers carrying their products. How does the company's basic CD-ROM reader stack up? Join us as we review the Artec CHA-52.

July 2001
25 July 2001  
Samsung's drives have traditionally featured very competitive access times coupled with an interesting dichotomy in higher-level benchmarks. Does Samsung's latest, a 30 GB/platter 5400 RPM drive, continue the tradition? StorageReview.com takes a look.
19 July 2001  
Despite thet fact that intriguing drives have been announced from a variety of manufacturers, readers have made it clear that the hard disk they look forward to most is the Seagate Cheetah X15-36LP. Its been four long months since Seagate initially announced the drive; finally, its appearing in the channel. How much does it improve over its predecessor, the world's first 15k RPM drive? How does it stack up against contemporaries? We're pleased to bring you a close look at Seagate's latest and greatest!
11 July 2001  
We've finally gotten our hands on the long-awatied successor to the Atlas 10k II. This time around, however, it comes under the Maxtor name. How does the 10k III stack up against the competition? Against 15,000 RPM drives? We've put it to the test! Read on and discover our findings.
6 July 2001  
Delivering top IOMeter scores and whisper-quiet operation, Samsung's 5400 RPM drives have caused quite a stir in the SR community. Folks have wondered how a Samsung drive could score when unleashed from a budget-oriented spindle speed. How does a 7200 RPM Samsung drive stack up? Read on and discover!
5 July 2001  
Ricoh, recently withdrawn from North American CD-RW market, has long been a strong player in the field. Though Ricoh intends the MP7200A for European and Asian audiences, SR has managed to get a hold of one for testing thanks to Hyper Microsystems. Hypermicro went through great efforts to stock these new 20X burners imported from Europe and were generous enough to loan one to us for review. Join us as we test one of the first drives to break the 16X burn speed barrier!
3 July 2001  
3Ware's Esclade 6400 series met wide acclaim throughout the hardware community as a truly viable high-end ATA RAID solution. It's thus with great anticipation that all have waited for the series' succesor. The Escalade 7400 has arrived. How does it stack up to its predecessor? Join us as we take a look!

June 2001
25 June 2001  
Teac's 16X burner has finally hit store shelves. Consumers preferring a single optical drive in their systems rejoiced at the read speeds offered by the CD-W516EB's 12X predecessor. This 16X burner, complete with faster rated access times (80 ms vs. 85 ms) and transfer rates (40X vs. 32X), begs the question, "Does the CD-W516EB offer the quickest combination of read and write speeds in a 16X burner?" Let's find out.
20 June 2001  
A year ago StorageReview.com delivered the first look at Seagate's revolutionary new 15,000 RPM drive, the Seagate Cheetah X15. The IT and enthusiast worlds have long waited for a challenger to Seagate's dominant product. Now, finally, IBM has delivered. SR is proud to bring you the world's first review of the IBM Ultrastar 36Z15. How does it stack up against the X15? We've brought you the scoop!
13 June 2001  
Adaptec's ATA RAID 2400A has received a fair amount of attention since its introduction.  Considering its extensive feature set, this isn't surprising.  Does its performance live up to the hype? Join us as we examine.
5 June 2001  
Though not a brand familiar to most, Samsung has been quietly shipping a variety of hard disks into the channel. Last year we had the opportunity to evaluate our first Samsung drive. Today we bring you a look at our second, the SpinPoint V20400. This drive's predecessor brought formidable access times and IOMeter scores to the table. Does the V20400 continue the tradition? Read on and find out!

May 2001
17 May 2001  
Western Digital is again first with a next-generation drive, this time in the form of the Caviar WD800BB. This beauty combines 7200-RPM operation with 27-GB platters. This yields 81 GB, but how does it perform? Come with StorageReview.com as we examine.
15 May 2001  
Recently, we brought you our review of Afreey's 56X CD-ROM drive...it captured a coveted Leaderboard spot! Now we take a look at another Afreey product: their 12X DVD-ROM drive. Though it's not rated as fast as some recent 16X DVD-ROMs we've looked at, CD read speeds are an impressive 40X. How does it actually perform? Find out!
10 May 2001  
As we approach summer, next-generation SCSI drives are trickling into the channel. The first to land in StorageReview.com's testbed is Seagate's latest Cheetah, the 73LP. How does this drive stack up against the likes of Quantum's Atlas 10k II and Seagate's own Cheetah 36XL? As usual, SR brings you the scoop!
7 May 2001  
Our first SCSI Host Adapter review brings you a look at two cards from big names. How do offerings from Adaptec and Tektram stack up? Read on and find out!

April 2001
26 April 2001  
As the first drive to shatter the 100 GB barrier, Seagate's Barracuda 180 currently ranks as the largest hard drive one can buy. How does this half-height drive perform, however? We've subjected Seagate's monster to our full battery of tests.
22 April 2001  
With the current popularity of CD-RWs, it's been quite awhile since SR has taken a look at a CD-ROM drive.  In fact, our last look was at another 56X drive:  Digital Research's DRCDROM56 back in July of 2000.  As of today, 56X is still the fastest available speed in a CAV drive.  And at 12,000 RPM, it's unlikely we'll see CAV drives going beyond 56X anytime soon, if ever.  So how does the Afreey compare to the Digital Research?  How does it fare against our Leaderboard champ, Kenwood's 72X?  Join us as we determine!
11 April 2001  
Known mostly for their scanners, Artronix Technologies was kind enough to send us one of their new 16X DVD-ROM drives.  Join us as we explore this unit and pit it against competition from Pioneer.  How does it compare?  Read on to find out!
4 April 2001  
No one can deny that the cost-sensitive ATA RAID market has exploded over the last couple years. With that in mind, this review will compare two well-known, cost-sensitive ATA RAID offerings: the Promise FastTrak100, and AMI's MegaRAID IDE100. Join us as we take a look at the performance of these cards, and shed some light on just how much of a performance increase (if any) can be attained with cost-sensitive ATA RAID.

March 2001
29 March 2001  
IBM's long-awaited Deskstar 60GXP is the last of the 20 GB/platter ATA generation to arrive. Many of its competitors have been less than impressive. Is the 60GXP worth the wait we all went through? StorageReview.com examines!
27 March 2001  
A year ago Pioneer sent shock waves through the optical community with their DVD-115 announcement.  16X DVD speeds seemed unreal, but there appeared to be little understanding that 16X meant nothing without software to take advantage of it.  A year later, the software situation has not improved, and no one else has taken the plunge beyond 16X speeds.  So Pioneer took the time to work on a weakness of the DVD-115...digital audio extraction.  On top of that, they added an ATA-66 interface.  How does this remake of an original classic fare?  Join us as we find out...
13 March 2001  
Another year brings us yet another 10,000 RPM Cheetah. Though it sports a higher areal density, the Cheetah 36XL actually brings an increased seek time to the table? Can it compete with its predecessor let alone offerings from the likes of Fujitsu, IBM, and Quantum? Come with us as we explore!
6 March 2001  
As writing technology continues to advance, more 16X burners are finding their way onto store shelves. Our last look at one of these was Yamaha's partial-CAV 16X writer. Today we examine a 16X CLV writer -- Plextor's PX-W1610TA. Does it burn faster than Yamaha's offering? How much more can be expected over previous-generation 12X writers? Answers to these questions and more can be found in our examination of Plextor's latest. Come with us as we investigate.

February 2001
26 February 2001  
Western Digital is the first manufacturer to hit the market with  a drive that features at least 30 GB/platter. Does it stack up to the competition? StorageReview.com puts the WD600AB through a full suite of tests.
20 February 2001  
One month after our look at Yamaha's first-to-market 16X ATAPI burner, we now bring you a detailed examination of the SCSI version of this drive -- the CRW2100S.  Does the SCSI version bring any enhancements to the table, or is performance a mirror image of the CRW2100E?  Come with us as we investigate.
14 February 2001  
StorageReview.com proudly presents its first ATA RAID review in nearly two years, a comparison between 3ware's Escalade 6400 and Promise's SuperTrak100. These units are two of the most expensive ATA RAID controllers around. What does this outlay get you? Do they perform? Or do they reinforce what some have said all along, that ATA RAID provides no significant performance increase? Join us as we examine!
4 February 2001  
Western Digital has entered the value-class market with its Protégé 200EB. It's a 5400 RPM drive with a seek time a bit on the high side. How does this affect performance? Does the 200 EB stack up against the competition? SR examines!

January 2001
28 January 2001  
As the dawn of 16X burners approaches, manufacturers like Ricoh and Teac are still riding on 12X flagship burners. Today we focus on Teac's fastest burner--the CD-W512E. Sporting an ATAPI interface, this 12/10/32 drive threatens to break into our Leaderboard. Can it do it? Join us as we determine!
21 January 2001  
A participant in the StorageReview.com Discussion Forums recently raised the question of deviations between samples of the same drive. This is a valid concern… after all, the foundation of StorageReview.com's benchmark testing rely on a premise that different physical units of the same drive perform in a similar manner. Hard drives, unlike completely solid-state CPUs, video cards, and motherboards, feature physically moving parts. Do these physicals create huge deviations? Join us as we examine the performance differences between four Maxtor DiamondMax 80s in detail!
19 January 2001  
Long overdue, our review of the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 60 pits its against the latest from five other manufacturers. How does the Plus 60 stack up? Read on and discover!
17 January 2001  
The first 16X ATAPI burner to hit the market, Yamaha's CRW2100E has finally made its way into our optical testbed.  After endless tests, the results are in.  Do the 16X write speeds deliver?  Can the 10X rewrite speeds keep up with the competition?  Do the 40X read speeds mean we can dump our CD-ROMs?  Come with us as we investigate these and other questions.
8 January 2001  
Seagate's Barracuda ATA III is the third iteration in a lineage of drives that has so far managed to impress. How does it stack up against the competition? Does a distinct leader of the generation finally emerge? Come with us as we put Seagate's latest through its paces!

December 2000
27 December 2000  
Only 3 months ago we brought you the Net's first review of Pioneer's DVD-304S, a 10X SCSI DVD-ROM.  Today, we present you with the Net's first look at Pioneer's DVD-305S...a 10X SCSI DVD-ROM.  Join us as we attempt to uncover the differences between these two units.
19 December 2000  
External burners, while not wildly popular, do fill a niche in optical drive sales.  While most use the SCSI interface, Sony has come up with a 12/8/32 burner based on the IEEE 1394 interface.  Sony calls their version of this interface i.LINK.  A serial interface with current speeds capped at 50 MB/sec, IEEE 1394 up to now has been most heavily used in the digital video camcorder world.  Other products are now being fitted with the interface, like scanners, hard drives and CD-RWs.  Come with us as we explore Sony's newest external burner, the CRX1600L.
12 December 2000  
Quantum's Fireball Plus series has always enjoyed stellar access times thanks to its SCSI lineage. The Fireball Plus AS, however, is the first unit designed from the ground up for the ATA interface. What ramifications arise from this change? Is the Fireball Plus AS a winner? Join us for this highly-anticipated look at Quantum's latest!

November 2000
30 November 2000  
Plextor has followed up their 12/10/32 ATAPI burner with a SCSI version, sporting an additional 2 megs of buffer.  Other mouthwatering features include BURN-Proof and 10X ReWrites.  How does it compare to the the rest of the competition?  Join us as we find out!
22 November 2000  
The latest ATAPI burner from Sony offers 12X writes, 8X rewrites, and 32X max reads.  Is this fast enough to keep up with competition from Plextor and Ricoh?  Come with us as we investigate!
15 November 2000  
The U5 is Seagate's latest addition to its highly-successful U-series value-class drives. Specs hint at great performance for an entry-level unit. Does the U5 stack up? We've taken it for a spin to find out!
2 November 2000  
Ricoh's latest ATAPI offering claims to be a 12/10/32 reader/burner as well as an 8X DVD-ROM.  They pile on their own buffer underrun technology and a slew of other impressive specs.  Is it too good to be true?  Can one optical drive really do it all?  Join us as we investigate!

October 2000
31 October 2000  
Fujitsu's MPG-AT combines 20 GB platters with fluid bearing motors. It also introduces a toggle to switch between quiet and performance modes. How do these features affect performance? Join us as we examine.
16 October 2000  
Fujitsu's 10 GB/platter MPF-AT drive is a 5400 RPM unit from a manufacturer already reputed to produce the quietest drives around. What kind of performance does this unassuming unit deliver? Read on as we explore.
5 October 2000  
Maxtor's DiamondMax VL40 anchors the manufacturer's entry-level offering. Its specs are nigh identical to that of the DiamondMax 80. What tradeoffs does one encounter between Maxtor's two lines. And how does the VL40's performance compare to that of competitors? StorageReview.com examines!

September 2000
28 September 2000  
Plextor's first drive featuring the hot new BURN-Proof technology, the 12/10/32A trumps its SCSI brother with 10X specified CD-RW rewrites. Do the specifications live up? Can an ATAPI burner, with the help of BURN-Proof, prove as reliable and steady as burners with the legendary SCSI interface? Join us as we explore.
28 September 2000  
At long last, our first burner review surfaces! Plextor has long been known as one of the elite optical drive manufacturers. How does their latest, fastest SCSI burner fare in our detailed examination? Come with us as we find out!
27 September 2000  
Fujitu's latest 10k drive made quite a splash, delivering performance figures to rival the best of its class. Can the 7200 RPM MAH3xxx do the same? Join us as we examine the performance of Fujitsu's workhorse SCSI drive.
21 September 2000  
Western Digital is first! Well, actually, we're not sure whether they'll be the first to fill resellers with a 20 GB/platter 7200 RPM drive, but they're the first to deliver a review sample to StorageReview.com. Join us as we see what the next plateau of 7200 RPM ATA performance offers.
11 September 2000  
Maxtor's next-generation drive is here... and it's not the DiamondMax Plus 60. The DiamondMax Plus 45 pulls away from Maxtor's long-standing tradition of flagship units featuring four platters. How do such changes affect performance? StorageReview.com examines.
7 September 2000  
Our second look at a 10X SCSI DVD drive brings us to Pioneer's new DVD-304S. Sporting 10X DVD speeds, 40X CD speeds, and Pioneer's trademark slot-loading interface, the DVD-304S stands poised to take on Toshiba's best. How does it compare to the SD-M1401? Follow along to find out!
5 September 2000  
Bringing four platters holding 20 gigs each to the table, the Maxtor DiamondMax 80 is the largest hard drive you can buy, period. But how does this 80 gigs of storage perform? Read on and discover!

August 2000
31 August 2000  
Though other manufacturers are just now reaching the 20 GB/platter plateau, IBM reached it first. The Deskstar 40GV has proved elusive to us for quite some time. We've finally managed to get our hands on one. What kind of advantages does the 40GV's areal density offer? Come with us as we explore IBM's latest 5400 RPM drive.
29 August 2000  
While ATAPI DVD-ROMs have already reached 16X speeds, SCSI units have been lagging behind at a rather sedate 6X.  Recently, though, Toshiba and Pioneer released 10X versions of their SCSI DVDs.  Today we examine Toshiba's SD-M1401.  Join us as we run it through the rigors of our benchmark trials!
28 August 2000  
Though six major manufacturers dominate the US retail hard disk market, other players exist. Though no units have been reviewed here at StorageReview.com (and thus by definition anywhere else ), Samsung has been quietly making HDDs for quite some time. Join us as we examine a 5400 RPM offering from this unassuming Korean giant.
24 August 2000  
When first announced, the Atlas 10k II was a hotly anticpated drive. Supply problems and performance questions have since raised questions about Quantum's flagship unit. While we can't fully address supply issues, we've accepted a request for a look at the Atlas 10k II featuring "final" firmware. We know this decision is likely not without controversy. Read on and observe what we've found from this latest sample.
13 August 2000  
Now that StorageReview.com is the first (and may we add only? ) source to review current 7200 RPM ATA drive offerings from all six major manufacturers, we've decided, in our annual tradition, to step back and reflect on the current state of affairs. Join us as we examine who's hot and who's not in our annual roundup!

July 2000
30 July 2000  
Digital Research, a company known for a wide variety of computer peripherals, has recently released a 56X CAV reader--today's fastest CAV speeds. How much speed does 56X give you? How does it compare to Kenwood's True-X drives? Join us as we examine this drive in detail!
20 July 2000  
The quiet player in the battle, Fujitsu has shipped its MAJxxxx, a 10k RPM Ultra160/m SCSI hard disk that features some impressive specifications. With the likes of the Atlas 10k II, Ultrastar 36LZX, and Cheetah 36LP as the competition, does Fujitsu stand a chance? Join us as we examine the final contender to the 10k RPM crown!
17 July 2000  
Hot on the heels of our initial look at a couple of comparatively pokey DVD-ROMs, we bring you our take on today's fastest-rated DVD-ROM, Pioneer's DVD-115.  What does this drive bring to the table?  What do 16X DVD-ROM speeds mean to you?  Come with us as we explore.
16 July 2000  
Nearly five months have passed since our initial reviews of the Seagate Cheetah 36LP and the Quantum Atlas 10k II. Since then, both manufacturers have sent us units with revised firmware that represents the final versions shipped with product. How have these changes affected performance? Are the changes for better or worse? And when it comes down to it, which unit comes out on top? Read on to witness a battle between the two premiere contenders for the 10k RPM crown!
7 July 2000  
Our first look at DVD-ROMs consists of two 6x readers from two different manufacturers, a SCSI model from Pioneer and an ATA unit from Toshiba. Does a certain interface shine? Or do the two brands exhibit different strengths and weaknesses? Read on and find out!
2 July 2000  
Fujitsu's MPF-AH series represents the sixth current-generation 7200 RPM ATA drive we've reviewed this year, paving the way for our Summer 2000 ATA Drive Roundup. Before taking such a comprehensive view, however, we've given the Fujitsu an individual look. Read on to see what we've found.

June 2000
25 June 2000  
Quantum's latest IDE drive, the Fireball lct15, has raised eyebrows in the storage world by throttling spindle speed to levels below 5400 RPM. What kind of performance can you expect? What benefits arise from the change? Take a look and find out!
15 June 2000  
Seagate's value-oriented U-series disk drives hold the distinction of being the manufacturer's most popular units ever. What kind of performance can you expect from the latest incarnation, the 10.2 gig/platter U10? Join us as we take a closer look.
12 June 2000  
The IBM Deskstar 75GXP and the Seagate Barracuda ATA are not new drives to StorageReview.com readers. The 75 gig version of the former and the 20 gig version of the latter, however, are. Join us as we take a look at how these units perform compared to other members in their families.
7 June 2000  
Eight months after announcing its 4th generation 10k RPM drive, IBM has finally gotten some units into the channel. Come with us as we examine how this contender stacks up against the competition from Seagate and Quantum.
2 June 2000  
In Part 1 of our CD-ROM Roundup we checked out five top ATAPI drives, crowning what's become a controversial champion. In Part 2, we examine four fast SCSI CD-ROM drives. Which drive will come out on top? Will the controversy continue? Read on to find out!
1 June 2000  
The wait is finally over! After months of waiting and speculation, we've finally gotten our hands on the world's first 15,000 rpm hard disk. Just what kind of performance increases can you expect from this revoluationary drive? Join us as we examine how the Cheetah X15 stacks up to the best of today!

May 2000
30 May 2000  
StorageReview.com plans to bring readers concise, timely reviews of the latest in CD technology. All good reviews must have a base to compare against, however. Our initial ATAPI Roundup sets up a baseline against which all future reviews may be judged. Come with us as we search for the best ATAPI drive available today!
24 May 2000  
Western Digital has joined arch-rival Maxtor as one of the first manufacturers to ship a 5400rpm drive featuring 15 gigs per platter. How do the drives in the white boxes compare to the drives in the red boxes? Join us as we take a look!
18 May 2000  
IBM's long-awaited Deskstar 75GXP has finally surfaced in distribution channels. Stiff competition awaits it in the form of the Quantum Fireball Plus LM. Does Big Blue have what it takes to wrestle the crown from Quantum? Join us as we take a look at this most anticipated drive.
10 May 2000  
As usual, Maxtor is among the first to deliver a next-generation drive. The 5400rpm DiamondMax 60 allows one to store 60 gigs of data in a single low-profile drive. Come with us as we examine in detail!
3 May 2000  
The Seagate Cheetah 73 brings an amazing 73 gigabytes of storage to the table in a single drive (not to mention a 10,000rpm spindle speed). But are there sacrifices to be made when going for this much capacity in one unit? SR takes a look at how the Cheetah 73 compares to other contemporary 10k rpm drives.

April 2000
30 April 2000  
In our final Optical Testbed article, we discuss in detail what problems we encountered as well as what steps were taken to resolve some potentially serious issues. We then move forward with detailing our benchmarking methodology. These are our final steps toward the countdown of SR's Optical Storage Roundup!
25 April 2000  
Seagate's Cheetah 18XL hints of performance a bit different than its fourth-generation big brother, the Cheetah 36LP. What exactly are these differences? Might they add up to produce a new champion? StorageReview.com takes a look at a drive that takes a swing at being the fastest in the world!
24 April 2000  
In part two of our three-part Optical Testbed introduction, we take a peek at what goes into preparing a testbed for analyzing CD drives as well as which benchmarks and other tests were chosen for the task.  Read on to find out all the details!
18 April 2000  
Along with a new optical storage correspondent comes an optical testbed, dedicated to examining various aspects of CD drive performance. Come with us as we explore the inner workings of "Jane", SR's new optical testbed!
13 April 2000  
Another month, another contender. In past months, Western Digital and Seagate have attempted to knock off king-of-the-hill Maxtor's DiamondMax Plus 40 from its lofty perch as the ATA drive of choice. They didn't succeed. Can Quantum do better? Join us as we take a look at the Fireball Plus LM.
4 April 2000  
Before moving on to the latest-generation SCSI and ATA drives, we at SR have detoured to take a look at a re-issue of a classic. Read on to find out how the Ultra 160m/SCSI version of the Cheetah 18LP AV compares to today's drives. Also included is a look at how this larger-buffer unit compares to an otherwise physically identical drive.

March 2000
29 March 2000  
Though the Atlas V beat it to the market, the Seagate Barracuda 18XL brings impressive specs to the table. Come with us as we take a look at Seagate's sixth-generation Barracuda in an age that may soon be considered the dusk of the 7200rpm SCSI drive.
19 March 2000  
There are many programs on the market with which one may manage CD-R and CD-RW sessions. Arguably the most prominent is SCSI-stalwart Adaptec's EZ-CD Creator v4.01. New StorageReview.com Associate Editor Tim Zakharov delves in with thorough examination of a program that will be used in future evaluations of CD-R(W) drives.
18 March 2000  
Now that WinBench and IOMeter have weighed in with their results, it's time to take a step back and examine the wreckage... er... ramifications. What course should be taken to chart the way through these results which at times conflict? And what impact do these new findings have on StorageReview.com's Leaderboard? Now is the time to finally draw conclusions from all the data we've gathered over the past month. Come with us as we wrap up SR's 2nd anniversary blitz with our final thoughts.
16 March 2000  
Now that we've witnessed the evolutionary changes that new-testbed WinBench 99 results have made upon StorageReview.com's drive hierarchy, let's examine the revolutionary impact that IOMeter effects. In this article, we take a quick-and-dirty, to-the-point look at some of IOMeter's staggering consequences.
15 March 2000  
Though one of StorageReview.com's two benchmarks deployed on the new testbed is a familiar one, WinBench 99 is running in a brand new environment, complete with new hardware and OS. How have scores changed as a result? Come with us as we investigate the new scores. Plus: WinBench 99 Sequential Transfer Rates GIFs for 21 drives!
14 March 2000  
StorageReview.com was the first hardware site to debut a robust database to compare the massive amount of data generated in testing. The addition of IOMeter to SRs test suites has resulted in the debut of a new database. Read on for easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the new system.
13 March 2000  
Our second article in the blitz commemorating StorageReview.com's 2nd anniversary takes a closer look at the Win2k installation and benchmarks we use in evaluating hard drives on our new testbed. Curious about SR's methodolgy? Have you ever wondered what the various WinBench 99 results mean? Are you unfamliar with Intel's IOMeter? All these topics and more are outlined in our look at the testbed's operating system and benchmarks.
12 March 2000  
StorageReview.com's aging testbed has been the target of more than a few criticisms. At long lost, however, the stars have aligned and SR has found itself with a new system. Join us as we kick off our 2nd Anniversary blitz by examining the parts as well as the bios revisions and drivers that make up the testbed of the next two years.

February 2000
29 February 2000  
Now that it's finally hit wide availability, the race to obtain an DiamondMax Plus 40 is on. Though certainly a trendsetter, Maxtor's drive faces competition from more than just Western Digital. Seagate and Quantum loom with 7200rpm, 10 gig/platter drives of their own. Though the Fireball Plus LM hasn't yet arrived in our testbed, the Barracuda ATA II has. We've put it to the test to see how it stacks up against today's hottest ATA drive!
24 February 2000  
Though 15,000rpm will be all the rage in upcoming weeks, 10k hard disks are far from dead. For those of you with shorter memories, the hard disk of choice to drool over for the past two months has been Quantum's Atlas 10k II . The wait is finally over. StorageReview.com has gotten our hands on Quantum's latest beast. Join us as we take a look at the successor to the reigning StorageReview.com SCSI Editor's Choice.
15 February 2000  
Quantum has followed up its top-of-the-heap Atlas IV with its fitfh-generation 7200rpm SCSI drive, the Atlas V. A low seek time and high areal density bring promises of excellent performance. Take a look and see how the Atlas V measures up.
9 February 2000  
It's been almost four years since Seagate announced the landmark 10,000rpm Cheetah 4LP. Four generations later, Seagate is now delivering a 36 gig, one inch tall, 10k drive that promises better-than-ever performance. What new heights does the Seagate Cheetah 36LP strive to reach? Join StorageReview.com as we examine the latest unit in a proud line of high-performance disks.
4 February 2000  
Quantum's Fireball lct10 features specs that allow it to contend for the honor of 'fastest budget drive.' Yes, it's a virtual oxymoron. However, value-class drives have the potential of bringing more to the table than low prices and uninspiring performance. Come with us as we examine what the lct10 brings to the table.

January 2000
20 January 2000  
Though StorageReview.com reviewed the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40 over a month ago, units still haven't hit general availability. In the meantime, Western Digital has been gearing up with its own 10 gig/platter, 7200rpm offering. How does it stack up to the speedy yet scarce Maxtor? Let's take a look!
11 January 2000  
Maxtor and Quantum have gotten the attention here at StorageReview.com, but it's Seagate that innovated the value-class market. Seagate's latest unit the U8, has hit wide availability. Join us as we size up this offering from the market leader.

December 1999
14 December 1999  
ATA-pioneer Maxtor is at it again, attempting to raise the bar for 7200rpm performance. The DiamondMax Plus 40 combines state of the art 7200rpm performance with the highest areal density yet seen on an ATA drive. Does the combination produce a winner? Let's find out!
1 December 1999  
Value doesn't always mean entry-level. A case in point is Western Digital's Vantage series of hard disks. Spinning at 10k rpm, this line guns for cost-conscious SCSI users that still consider themselves performance oriented. Check out the results of a comparison between the first "Value Class" 10,000rpm drive and today's top 7200rpm unit.

November 1999
16 November 1999  
Quantum was second only to Seagate in announcing a product line to cater to the entry-level market. Their offering brings, among other things, the lowest advertised seek time for a 5400rpm drive. We've taken a look at the Fireball lct to see how it stacks up.
8 November 1999  
Catering to the assemblers of budget PCs, a new class of value-oriented hard disks is emerging. One of Maxtor's first value offerings is the DiamondMax VL20. Take a peek at the results as we take a look at how the VL20 compares with Maxtor's main line.

October 1999
27 October 1999  
Western Digital has joined the 10 gig/platter stakes with its Caviar WD307AA. How does it compare to pioneer Maxtor's offering? Join us as we examine WD's latest.
19 October 1999  
Yet another wave of ATA drives approaches. These latest units pack an incredible 10 gigs of data on a single platter. The first offering, probably a surprise to few, comes from Maxtor. StorageReview.com takes a peek at the DiamondMax 40.
14 October 1999  
With today's drives rapidly approaching ATA-33's sequential transfer rate limit, just how much performance does a user lose in throughput-limited situations? StorageReview.com has put the screaming WDE18310 through its paces in a constrained environment to find out.

September 1999
28 September 1999  
Unlike the competition, IBM has continued to charge ahead full-force when it comes to platters and 5400rpm drives. The results is a massive 37 gig behemoth. StorageReview.com takes a look to see how the latest Deskstar GP fares against the competition.
21 September 1999  
Each generation of IBM's Deskstar series creates a flood of anticipation. The huge 34GXP is no exception. Take a look and see how it compares to the competition!
14 September 1999  
Though there's little here to surprise regular readers of StorageReview.com, its time to take a comparative snapshot of the SCSI drive market. Come with us as we examine 1999's offerings in the calm before the next storm of new announcements.
6 September 1999  
Western Digital's second-generation Expert, the successor to our Summer 1999 7200rpm ATA Editor's Choice, is now widely available through retail channels. The competition this time around is mighty stiff, however. Find out how it compares to the latest drives from Maxtor, Quantum, and Seagate.
1 September 1999  
With the entry of all six major drive manufacturers in the 7200rpm stakes, Maxtor's former status as ATA-trailblazer has diminished somewhat. It may prove prudent not to count them out just yet. Come with us as we put the latest DiamondMax Plus through its paces.

August 1999
28 August 1999  
Announced nearly six months ago, the Western Digital Enterprise 10k is finally approaching shipment. Quantum Corporation has established itself as today's premiere SCSI drive manufacturer, especially with the performance of its Atlas 10k. What happens when the Enterprise meets the Atlas? StorageReview.com examines the latest struggle for supremacy with a preview of the WDE18310.
25 August 1999  
Long dormant in the ATA battle, Seagate has finally stirred. The Barracuda ATA's very name invokes the proud heritage of Seagate's mainstay SCSI drive line. How does it compare to the competition? Join us as we eagerly examine!
23 August 1999  
StorageReview.com decided to sit out of the flurry of ATA-66 reviews that hit the net when equipment conforming to the spec began to trickle into the market early this year. Unfortunately, the reviews and anecdotes that currently float around the community seem to confuse more folks than they help. Join us in a hard-hitting look at where the other reviews went wrong and for the real story in performance differences between ATA-33 and ATA-66!
18 August 1999  
Featuring oustanding low-level specs and test results, the Quantum Fireball Plus KA is one of the fastest ATA drives around. Quantum has followed up with the Fireball Plus KX, featuring 50% more capacity. Take a look to see how the newest Quantum stacks up to other performance champs.
15 August 1999  
The Western Digital Caviar AC420400 survived assaults by next-generation units from Maxtor and Quantum to retain its status as the premiere 5400rpm drive. But will it finally fall to its very own successor, the WD205AA? Find out how WD's 6.8 GB/platter drive fares!
1 August 1999  
Quantum's Fireball CX is the next 6.8 GB/platter ATA drive to hit the scene. Like the Maxtor DiamondMax 6800, it aspires to dethrone the Western Digital Caviar AC420400 as the 5400rpm champ. Come with us as we examine whether or not the Fireball lives up to its task.

July 1999
27 July 1999  
Next-generation 5400rpm drives have arrived and once again Maxtor is first out of the gates with a monstrous 27.2 gig offering. Join us as we take a look at what performance 6.8 gigs per platter and a bunch of electronic enhancements buy us.
22 July 1999  
A bit late to the party, IBM has finally arrived with a current-generation 10k rpm drive. Does it measure up when compared to the reigning champ? Take a peek and find out!
19 July 1999  
Six major manufacturers currently offer a total of eleven distinct families of ATA drives. Which drives are the fastest? Which are the quiestest? Which have garnered StorageReview.com's Editor's Choice Award? Take a look at see how things have shaped up during the year since our last ATA drive roundup!
11 July 1999  
Fujitsu's MAE3182LP rounds out our look at the new breed of 7200rpm SCSI drives. How does it fare compared to a top-performing model such as the Quantum Atlas IV? Come with us as we examine.
1 July 1999  
Fujitsu has already established itself as the manufacturer to beat when it comes to heat and noise. How does the latest Desktop 18 5400 perform, however? Does it stack up to the competition? Join us as we take a look at these questions.

June 1999
26 June 1999  
An opportunity to quantify differences that arise from buffer size has finally risen with the Retail (1024k) and OEM (512k) versions of the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 5120! What improvements does the 1024k version deliver? Join us as we examine one of the more abstract facets of hard disk performance.
21 June 1999  
Fujitsu's past ATA drives have been known for delivering uninspired performance combined with great noise and heat levels. Does their latest, a 7200rpm 18.2 gig unit, break the mold? Join us as we take a look.
10 June 1999  
Quantum's Atlas II and Atlas III have lain down a rather inauspicious start for Quantum's mainstay enterprise-class 7200rpm drive. Quantum's Viking series, lamentably, has disappeared. Thus, the Atlas IV is the manufacturer's only 7200rpm SCSI offering. Can it pass the muster? Take a peek at how the newest Atlas performs!
3 June 1999  
Quantum, a newcomer to the 10k rpm drive arena, has released its Atlas 10k. Does such a newbie stand a chance against the seasoned, established Seagate Cheetah line? Join StorageReview.com as we uncover some surprising results!
1 June 1999  
The first challenger to the Cheetah 18LP's hegemony, the Fujitsu MAG3182LP, has arrived. Low-level specifications indicate that this drive should be the best-of-breed. How does it compare to the competition? Join us as we take a look at how this latest drive changes the 10k rpm landscape.

May 1999
26 May 1999  
The Cheetah line has long stood as the fastest drive family around. Does the third generation carry on the proud tradition? StorageReview.com examines the latest iteration of the first 10k rpm drive family to see how it stacks up to the competition.
18 May 1999  
The Seagate Barracuda line is the oldest and most distinguished competitor in the 7200rpm enterprise-class SCSI drive race. The 5th generation, the Barracuda 18LP, has been shipping for a little while now. How does it stack up against newcomer Western Digital Corp.? Join us as we take a look.
11 May 1999  
Seagate's premiere ATA drive has arrived. Does this 5400rpm disk push the envelope of performance? Join us as we investigate the latest from the leader in hard disk technology.
5 May 1999  
Some more next-generation SCSI drives have begun to trickle in; Western Digital's Enterprise no longer stands alone in heralding the next wave. The first new contender is the IBM Ultrastar 18ES. How does it stack up? Let's take a look!

April 1999
26 April 1999  
Quantum's Fireball Plus KA has arrived, complete with the lowest advertised seek time of any ATA drive. Does such a low seek time, 7200rpm operation, and a blazing transfer rate power this unit to the top? Join us and find out!
22 April 1999  
A poor neglected cousin, the Deskstar 25GP, shipped the same time as the much anticipated Deskstar 22GXP. Let's not forget that the 25GP is currently the biggest kid on the block. Here we'll take a look at IBM's latest 5400rpm offering.
14 April 1999  
The IBM Deskstar 22GXP has been one of the most eagerly anticipated drives around. How does this new arrival to the 2nd-generation 7200rpm scene compare to, say, the Western Digital Expert? Join us as we take a look at the latest mammoth from IBM.
6 April 1999  
There was a time when the name "Caviar" implied performance in disk drives. Lately, however, the line has become mired in mediocrity. Has Western Digital's turnaround extended to its mainstay Caviar line? StorageReview.com examines.

March 1999
23 March 1999  
The long-awaited (gee, the drive was only announced two weeks ago ) review of Maxtor's next-generation 7200rpm drive has finally been completed. Come with us as we take a look at the latest unit delivered by the industry's ATA powerhouse.
16 March 1999  
The first of a new breed of Western Digital drives has arrived. Among other changes, the WD expert incorporates some vaunted IBM technologies. Have such changes ressucitated a faltering ATA player? StorageReview.com examines the latest from an early pioneer of the ATA interface.
8 March 1999  
The Fireball CR is finally starting to appear in retail channels as 5400rpm drives continue to become more and more passe. Does this new unit inject more life into a declining class? Join StorageReview.com as we take a look at Quantum's latest.

February 1999
23 February 1999  
In a bit of a surprise, the first company to ship its next-generation (18.2 gig low profile) SCSI drive is Western Digital. How does this harbinger of the future perform? Join us as we examine!

January 1999
17 January 1999  
IBM once again throws down the gauntlet and takes aim for the title! Does Big Blue measure up against the competition's feline? Join us as we examine what's shaping up to be one of the industry's more interesting rivalries.
6 January 1999  
Western Digital has come out of the corner swinging with their newest drive. In press releases, literature, and drive packaging, WD heralds the AC313000 as being faster than the competition. Does it hold up? StorageReview.com examines.

December 1998
23 December 1998  
In October, StorageReview.com took a look at a DiamondMax 4320 pre-production evaluation drive. The tweaked production drives are now shipping. Are there any noticable improvements? Let's find out.
7 December 1998  
It's been almost eight months since Hitachi was the first to announce a drive sporting a spindle speed in excess of 10k. Evaluation samples are finally beginning to hit the street. Join us as we take an advance look at a drive of tomorrow.

November 1998
29 November 1998  
The Quantum Bigfoot series hasn't quite received wide acclaim among the enthusiast community. The latest iteration, the TS, strives to  change perception. Has it succeeded? Let's take a look.
19 November 1998  
The only ATA drive we've tested from Fujitsu was in our inaugural 6.4GB ATA Roundup. Now we take a look at a second drive from Fuji, the Deskstop 10. Has Fujitsu made any significant headway in the ATA proving grounds since their last unremarkable showing?  Let's examine!

October 1998
22 October 1998  
Though its competitors have forged ahead with 7200rpm ATA drives, Quantum Corp. has decided to stick with tried and true 5400rpm operation for the latest generation of its Fireball drives. Can the EX keep up? Let's take a look.
1 October 1998  
Maxtor's New DiamondMax 4320 crams an incredible 17.2 gigabytes onto a conventional 4-disk ATA assembly. How does this new giant perform? Join StorageReview.com in the Net's first look at world's latest "Big Mac" .

September 1998
23 September 1998  
Today's 7200rpm and 10000rpm drives push the limit not only in performance but in temperature as well. Keeping your drive within specified operating temperatures will ensure maximum performance in addition to protecting your drive. Join us as we survey the offerings available on the market today.

August 1998
31 August 1998  
In past reviews, Western Digital - "The Worlds Most Recommended Drive" - has delivered unremarkable performance.  Does this paradigm hold true for their latest addition to the Caviar family, the AC310100?
27 August 1998  
ATA busmastering, and thus low CPU utilization during ATA drive accesses, is here to stay! There are, however, many drivers to choose from: Intel, Tyan, Triones, and Microsoft itself. Which provides the best performance? StorageReview.com examines available options.
23 August 1998  
In the last year and a half, consumers have been forced to deal with "numberMax" CD-ROM drives. A company called Zen Research is attempting to change that. Join us as StorageReview.com takes a look at Kenwood's 40x CD-ROM, a product that claims to transfer data at a rate over 6 MB/sec no matter where it's being read off the disc.
17 August 1998  
StorageReview.com once again comparatively evaluates ten new families of drives. This time around, we've taken a look at offerings that have hit the market since our last SCSI Roundup. Once again, come on in and see who's hot and who's not, SCSI style.
9 August 1998  
StorageReview.com compares Windows NT's built in ATA software striping to that of the Promise FastTrak. Which method delivers the best performance? Let's take a look!
1 August 1998  
Since the original ATA Drive Roundup, StorageReview.com has examined ten new families of drives. We've decided to take a step back and examine the available offerings on the market this summer. Come on in and find out which drives have been awarded StorageReview.com's Editor's Choice awards!

July 1998
27 July 1998  
StorageReview.com has received many inquiries regarding the performance loss one would see if a U2W drive was placed on a UW bus. Let's take a look at this scenario.
21 July 1998  
Has Windows 98 made any significant advances in drive performance? StorageReview.com, armed with the Diamond Max Plus 2500 and the Seagate Cheetah 9LP (top of the ATA and SCSI arenas respectively), delves into this question.
13 July 1998  
ATA drives just keep getting bigger and bigger. StorageReview.com takes a look at a drive from IBM that makes us think of our testbed's nickname.
6 July 1998  
StorageReview.com takes a look at the Seagate Medalist Pro 9.1 SCSI in comparison with the identical ATA version as part of a continued ATA vs SCSI investigation.
4 July 1998  
How does Quantum's next generation 5400 RPM Fireball EL stack up to it's peers? StorageReview.com takes a look at the 10.2 gig ATA Fireball EL.
2 July 1998  
The DiamondMax 3400 family serves up Maxtor's largest offerings to date. StorageReview.com takes a look at the 13.6GB version.

June 1998
30 June 1998  
Charted differences between two different cache segmentation settings of the Ultrastar 9ES.
28 June 1998  
Maxtor has released a fresh new family of 7200 RPM drives. StorageReview.com takes a look at the 10 gigabyte DiamondMax Plus 2500.
9 June 1998  
A review of the Deskstar 14GXP has been the one most requested in the history of the site. We've finally managed to get our hands on one of these rare gems. Is there a new king of the ATA hill? Lets take a look!
5 June 1998  
StorageReview.com takes a look at the Western Digital Caviar 8.4 GB ATA drive. How does it compete with the other new offerings?
3 June 1998  
The Medalist Pro 9.1 GB delivered super performance at the expense of tremendous heat. How does the 6.5 GB version fare?

May 1998
26 May 1998  
StorageReview.com takes a look at the inexpensive Fujitsu 9.1GB Ultra Wide SCSI drive.
21 May 1998  
The retail giant Western Digital is perhaps the premiere ATA drive manufacturer, but how do its SCSI offerings perform? StorageReview.com evaluates the 9.1 GB Enterprise.
17 May 1998  
This 4.3 GB ATA drive is sold in retail stores at quite a bargain. Just how valuable is this loot? Let's get it appraised!
15 May 1998  
IBM's Ultrastar 9ZX rises to challenge the mighty Seagate Cheetah dynasty. What results did this titanic clash yield? Enter and witness!
13 May 1998  
IBM's entry-level Ultrastar 9ES proved to be a quiet and cool performer while delivering competent performance. The Ultrastar 9LP, however, is IBM's true enterprise-class offering. How does it stack up? Read and find out!
10 May 1998  
We revisit the Promise FastTrak with a pair Western Digital Caviar 6.4 GB ATA drives, a 64k stripe size and new drivers. What differences does this yield? Let's find out!
4 May 1998  
We revisit the Western Digital Caviar 6.4 GB ATA for a full suite of benchmarks; since they are so easily obtainable from just about any computer retailer, we will use two of these with the Promise FastTrak.

April 1998
28 April 1998  
We have seen the review of how well the Promise FastTrak performed in the lab, but how does it perform in the real world? StorageReview.com's associate Tim Peters tells his story of life with the FastTrak.
27 April 1998  
Quantum's 5.25" Bigfoot TX series is available in 4, 5, 8 and 12 gig sizes.  How much of a value is this low cost drive? StorageReview.com takes a look at the 8 GB version.
24 April 1998  
Quantum's 1998 entry-level SCSI drive has shipped. Join us as we examine the successor to a drive which provided outstanding value.
20 April 1998  
The Quantum Atlas II was relatively weak in the SCSI 4.5 roundup, but how does the Atlas III with 1.8 GB per platter and a meg buffer stack up against the competition?  Let's find out!
16 April 1998  
Seagate's next generation 10k RPM drive has arrived. Just how much faster is it? Just how much quieter is it? Just how much cooler is it? Join us as we take a look.
14 April 1998  
An ATA RAID promises high performance and reliability at an affordable price. Does Promise deliver? Let's take a look.
12 April 1998  
The DiamondMax 90576D4 ATA hard drive is a member of Maxtor's impressive 2880 lineup. Here we'll take a breif look at this 5.7 GB model.
11 April 1998  
The Quantum Fireball SE 6.4 GB ATA was an outstanding drive for the money, but does the 8.4 GB version follow suit? Let's find out!
6 April 1998  
We've read your requests, we've bought the drive, we present the results.
3 April 1998  
How did the current StorageReview.com's test bed come into existence?  What was our thought process behind it's conception and why is the machine nicknamed "Hoss?" Read about the "other member" of StorageReview.com!
2 April 1998  
We have seen dramatic effects that the ATA and SCSI interfaces had on two otherwise identical drives (see SCSI vs ATA: Quantum Fireball SE), but can we make these same observations with Toshiba's 32x CD-Roms? Let's find out!

March 1998
31 March 1998  
7200 RPM -- Who needs it? Maxtor's gargantuan 11.5 gig DiamondMax is here, and it's a screamer.  Come inside and let StorageReview.com give you the details.
29 March 1998  
What performance records will Seagate's 7200rpm Medalist Pro, supposedly the fastest ATA drive available, break in the ATA storage arena?  StorageReview.com answers this question and more!
27 March 1998  
For half a decade, Plextor has held a reputation as the premier CD-ROM manufacturer. StorageReview.com takes a close look at Plextor's latest offering, the UltraPlex.
24 March 1998  
For the last year, Seagate's Cheetah has enjoyed a reputation as the fastest hard drive around. StorageReview.com takes a more comprehensive look and runs a full suite of benchmarks.
19 March 1998  
The Barracuda 9LP ST39173W, Seagate's fourth generation enterprise-class SCSI drive has arrived.  StorageReview.com has put this 9 GB drive to the test.  See how it measures up.
19 March 1998  
Seagate and IBM's 7200rpm ATA drives are coming 'any day now.' Until then, IBM's Deskstar 8 is supposed to be the fastest kid on the block. Just how fast? StorageReview.com takes a look.
18 March 1998  
ATA hard drives continue to increase in capacity. One of the largest offerings is Maxtor's 8.4 GB DiamondMax 2160. How does it perform? StorageReview.com takes a look.
14 March 1998  
SCSI vs ATA: Round 1. The first in an ongoing investigation of mechanically identical drives that have different electronics/interfaces. Quantum's Fireball SE is one of the only current drives available in both SCSI and ATA formats. Which interface does a better job of serving this drive?
11 March 1998  
Our first comprehensive roundup. StorageReview.com examines 6 6.4 GB Ultra-ATA drives from 6 different manufacturers. Which drive should you buy? We answer that question from both performance and value perspectives.
11 March 1998  
Power Users have long advocated SCSI as the performance storage option. Today's current UltraSCSI drives span a wide range of performance and price. StorageReview.com examines today's current 4.5 GB offerings and evaluates the value of each.
11 March 1998  
Intel offers its PIIX Bus Master drivers to improve performance under Windows 95. Win95 OSR2, however, includes its own set of BM drivers. Which are better? What trade-offs will you encounter between the two? StorageReview.com uncovers the pros and cons of each.