by Adam Armstrong

Lenovo Announces New SDS For IBM Spectrum Scale

Today at Lenovo's annual Accelerate Partner Forum, the company announced its new scalable software-defined storage (SDS) solution, Distributed Storage Solution for IBM Spectrum Scale (DSS-G). The Lenovo DSS-G is designed to support dense scalable file and object storage suitable for high-performance and data-intensive environments. This new solution is aimed at helping customers deal with the explosion in both structured and unstructured data and the need to store both. This announcement is the first step of executing Lenovo’s HPC and AI commitment of bringing the benefits of SDS to HPC clusters.

Data centers are changing and the bulk of the burden of the evolving data centers fails squarely on IT resources. As we've talked about for some time now and it is becoming common knowledge, data is growing at an incredible rate and more of it holds value than ever before. Not only that, there are now more deployments of HPC, Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics, and cloud environments to further strain everything. SDS and software-defined data center technology will help companies deal with the onslaught of data and new technology and Lenovo's DSS-G is intended to accelerate the adoption of said technology.

The Lenovo DSS-G is built off of the company's x3650 server and is available as a pre-integrated, easy-to-deploy rack-level offering. The DSS-G features the Lenovo D1224 and D3284 12Gbps SAS storage enclosures and drives as well as software and networking components, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux support. Uses cases include HPC, big data or cloud workloads, all the while focusing efforts on core business.

Features include:

  • Easy Scalability: Start small and easily grow performance / capacity via a modular approach
  • Innovative RAID: With IBM Spectrum Scale Declustered RAID, reduce rebuild overhead by up to 8X
  • Choice of High-speed network: Including Infiniband or Ethernet up to 100Gbps

Lenovo is also offering a comprehensive portfolio of services that supports the full lifecycle of the Lenovo DSS-G. This includes a 24x7 monitoring and technical systems management with managed services as well as a single point-of-contact for solution-level service.

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