by Adam Armstrong

Lenovo Partners With NetApp To Aid With Digital Transformations

Today at the Lenovo Transfrom 2.0 conference in New York, Lenovo and NetApp announced a partnership of technology that helps customers modernize their IT, which in turn will aide in their digital transformation. The partnership will bring together the companies strengths in high-performance computing and flash storage. The two companies are also announcing a new joint venture in China delivering localized solutions there.

The two companies are co-developing new Lenovo ThinkSystem infrastructure that leverages Lenovo hardware and NetApp’s all-flash data management. These new products, the ThinkSystem DM and DE, will come in both hybrid and all-flash editions. The products will be sold through Lenovo’s supply chain, ranked in the top five by Gartner. Just to note, though these products are running NetApp’s data management, they will be Lenovo branded products. 

The ThinkSystem DE comes in both hybrid and all-flash and servers as entry-level and midrange storage. The DE is a family with five models that range in capacity and performance. On the upper end of performance the DE6000F can hit up to 1 million IOPS and up to 21GB/s throughput. The all flash models can hit up to 1.8PB of capacity with expansions and the hybrid can hit up to 2.88PB.

For enterprise storage needs, the two companies are announcing the ThinkSystem DM. Again the solution is offered in both all-flash and hybrid options with multiple models in each. The all-flash DM can hit upwards of 4 million IOPS in one cluster. The high-end max raw capacity on the all-flash DM is 62.9PB and the hybrid version can hit hitting 57PB

The joint venture in China aims to deliver storage products locally that are tailored to meet the specific requirements and distinct cloud ecosystem in China. Lenovo and NetApp expect this new venture to be up and operational by spring of 2019 but that will depend on local approvals. 


The Lenovo ThinkSystem DE and DM series are available now. 



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