by Adam Armstrong

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services Announced

Today Lenovo announced what it is calling the first true ‘pay-as-you-use data center’ as-a-Service offering, TruScale Infrastructure Services. As one might have guessed, this service allows users to use and pay for data center hardware and servers, at their locations is an aaS manner. This gives new levels of flexibility to customers as they grow. 

As businesses lay out their data center infrastructure they need to keep in mind the cost of the infrastructure, the capacity and performance they need for their workloads, and they need to set up their infrastructure in a way that enables them to grow when needed. This sounds fairly straightforward but one must keep in mind that technology rapidly changes. The new technologies almost always offer some benefits that can be leveraged and companies need to be able to integrate these changes within their budget. All of the infrastructure needs to be maintained as well potentially pulling IT away from the day-to-day operations of the company. Lenovo’s new service is aimed at helping in all of the above areas. 

Lenovo’s TruScale Infrastructure Services supply customers with data center infrastructure on a consumption-based, subscription model. Customers will have the hardware on-prem without the up front capital investment, only paying for what they need. In fact there is no minimum capacity commitment and customers are only paying for the capacity that is actively running their workloads. Capacity can be scaled up or down as needs change. Lenovo popular product portfolios, ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile, are available through this offering this includes hardware installation, deployment, management, maintenance, and removal.

This consumption model for infrastructure allows customers to control and even predict costs, a cloud like economics with the hardware on hand. Lenovo gives their customers visibility into their consumptions with a customer portal as well as an assigned Customer Success Manager. This manager helps customers get all the information and tools they need while clearing up any issues that may arise with the service. 


Lenovo TruScale as-a-Service is available now. Monthly pricing structures are simple and all-inclusive of associated services (maintenance, support, remote monitoring and system health) in one bill.  

Lenovo TruScale

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