by Josh Shaman

LenovoEMC Announces New Network Video Recorders

LenovoEMC is announcing their new line of high performance network video recorders (NVRs) that feature expanded surveillance with high performance in capturing, sharing and storing digital video files. The new line of NVRs is designed for use in SMBs that utilize under 20 IP cameras and have an existing network of surveillance or are upgrading from their analog-based systems. Analog users can optionally continue using their system by adding a PCIe accessory to utilize that existing network. The system is easy to get going with automated setup that should have most users up and running in minutes. All of the new NVRs also include Milestone Arcus multi-platform video management software (VMS).

LenovoEMC Network Video Recorders Specifications

  • Automated setup to be up and running in minutes with "No Configuration"
  • Fully featured NAS on top of video management appliance
  • Supports analog cameras through optional 16 channel PCIe accessory
  • Wide IP Camera model support at launch and beyond as Milestone adds more brands of cameras to its compatibility list
  • Strong video recording features
    • Motion Detection
    • Live View and Playback
    • Export of evidence
    • Mobile application live view (iOS & Android)
    • Alert notifications
    • Intuitive management- easily configure or change your camera recording and retention settings

Three models ranging from bare to 8TB compose the new NVR family. First, there is the 4TB dual-drive px2-300d with Milestone Arcus VMS and 4 camera licenses. Two more models wrap up the line and are differentiated simply by capacity. They are both four-drive models called the px4-300d and feature Milestone Arcus VMS, but one has 4TB and 8 licenses while the other has 8TB and 16 licenses. Installed hard drives are server class to handle uninterrupted operation and rotational vibration. All three models have software update plans that last 3 years to ensure that the newest Milestone updates find their way onto the NVRs.

Iomega's recent rebranding as part of it joining LenovoEMC and the subsequent new release of LenovoEMC NVRs doesn't mean that existing customers with Iomega-branded NVRs will be left out. On the contrary, when the new NVRs become available, existing customers of the px series who have LenovoEMC LifeLine 4.0 OS will be able to download Milestone Arcus VMS as an application.


LenovoEMC's new NVR products are forecast for May availability. Pricing for the px2-300d featuring Milestone Arcus will start at $999. Milestone Arcus VMS will become available at that time for download at LifeLineApps for existing Iomega-branded px series devices running LenovoEMC LifeLine 4.0. The download includes 30 day demo camera licenses for 2 cameras.


Milestone Arcus

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