by Charles Jefferies

Lite-On's New External Slim DVD Writer; Netgear Rolls Out New Home Media Servers; Synology Intros Value Business NAS

Lite-On Announces External DVD/CD Writer

Lite-On has announced its new eNAU108 external DVD/CD writer. Designed for notebook users, it is USB-powered and weighs just 0.4 lbs.
It can write DVDs at 8X and supports all common CD and DVD formats, including dual-layer DVDs.
The eNAU108 will be available mid-November for MSRP $59.99.

Netgear Releases Four New ReadyNAS Home Media Servers

Netgear has released four new additions to its ReadyNAS Ultra family of home media servers. The ReadyNAS Ultra Plus has 30% more performance than the standard ReadyNAS Ultra. It can be used in conjunction with TiVo to increase DVR capacity. It has Orb transcoding support, so the right media formats reach the right screens. It also has Skifta, which can push movies and music onto any DLNA-networked screen.
In addition to the ReadyNAS Ultra Plus series, Netgear also announced the availability of its 2-bay ReadyNas Ultra model.

The ReadyNAS Ultra Plus series will be available in late November 2010; pricing is as follows:

  • RNDP200U – Ultra 2 Plus (Diskless 2-bay), $449.99 USD
  • RNDP400U – Ultra 4 Plus (Diskless 4-bay), $699.99 USD
  • RNDP600U – Ultra 6 Plus (Diskless 6-bay), $999.99 USD

The ReadyNAS Ultra 2 will also be available in late November; pricing is as follows:

  • RNDU2000 – Ultra 2 (Diskless 2-bay), $399.99 USD
  • RNDU2120 – Ultra 2 (2TB: 1 x 2TB), $549.99 USD
  • RNDU2220 – Ultra 2 (4TB: 2 x 2TB), $699.99 USD

Via Netgear's ReadyNas Remote iPhone App, remote file access is available to iPhone/iPod touch/iPad users; it is available for $2.99 from the App Store.
Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra Product Page

Synology Releases New DiskStation NAS for Business

Synology has announced its new DiskStation DS111 and DS211 network attached storage (NAS) devices for business. The two value-focused devices come with Synology's DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.0 software, which saves money by reducing training time. DSM also has Access control lists and easy ADS integration streamline access control administration.

The DS111 and DS211 are designed to fill roles such as file sharing, scheduled backups, and remote access. It can also serve as a web server capable of hosting up to 30 sites at once, or an add-on email server. iPhone users can also gain access via Synology's iPhone app. Additionally, the DS111 and DS211 can run Surveillance Station 5, turning them into an affordable network video recorder (NVR); over 700 different IP camera models are supported.

The main difference between the two is that the DS111 is a single-bay NAS and the DS211 a two-bay; the DS211 also supports RAID 1.
Both models will be available soon; street price for the DS111 is about $240 (diskless) and the DS211 $350 (diskless).

Synology DS111 Product Page
Synology DS211 Product Page

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