by Josh Shaman

LSI Nytro and MegaRAID Updates Announced

LSI is announcing updates to its Nytro line including an expansion of available adapters with a new high capacity 3.2TB Nytro WarpDrive, as well as other capacities, connectivity and software capabilities across the Nytro product family. LSI is expanding their wide-ranging PCIe flash adapter portfolio in order to deliver solutions for a range of applications and environments. LSI Nytro products provide ultra-low latency and high performance, and are thus designed for Big Data, virtual desktop and server workloads, and hyperscale web and cloud infrastructures. Beyond that, the LSI Nytro line reduces power requirements and have a small footprint to reduce expenses.

LSI’s new Nytro series products include the WarpDrive BFH8-3200, MegaRAID 8110-4e and MegaRAID 8120-4e. The WarpDrive BFH8-3200 is a full height PCIe flash adapter that delivers up to 3.2TB of eMLC for greater density. That doubles the previous 1.6TB offering from LSI, and it does so as one of only a couple of products able to reach 3.2TB with stability. Also, the Nytro MegaRAID 8110-4e utilizes 200GB of eMLC memory with intelligent caching software and LSI’s leading dual-core RAID-on-Chip (ROC) technology. There is new support for external connectivity for up to 128 end devices. The 8110-4e provides application acceleration as well as enterprise-class data protection. Rounding out the new offerings, the Nytro MegaRAID 8120-4e provides 800GB of onboard eMLC memory which is the highest capacity card available that supports connectivity. Like the 8110-4e, it supports up to 128 end devices.

Nytro MegaRAID software has been updated, most specifically with Nytro Boot and elastic cache and flexible flash features. Nytro Boot is ideal for Big Data and shared databases that dedicate two mirrored HDDs on each server. It enables the administrator to partition onboard flash for caching data and/or boot volumes. Moving boot functionality to the MegaRAID card eliminates the need and cost for HDDs from which to boot, and instead leaves that space open for expanded capacity. Also to boost capacity, Elastic Cache increases the effective capacity of onboard flash utilizing enhanced algorithms that save space based on specific RAID modes. Only writes from the host to cache are mirrored, which enables up to 2x the amount of hot data to be stored in flash. This makes it possible for organizations to deploy less flash cache and still achieve the same results. Lastly, Flexible Flash makes it so that specific data can be permanently stored and accessed from flash so that IT administrators can customize flash memory to meet thier requirements for optimal performance.


The new Nytro products and enhanced software are available now from select LSI OEMs as well as distributors, integrators and VARs.

LSI Nytro Application Acceleration  

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