by Mark Kidd

LSI's Accelerating Innovation Summit Highlights the Datacenter in the "Datacentric Era"

LSI is using its annual Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) with a theme of "The Datacentric Era" to bring together industry leaders to describe a vision for future of the datacenter. AIS will present keynotes and panels focusing on the management of massive volumes of data and where datacenter luminaries and representatives from LSI partners will discuss technologies and architectures including flash, OpenStack and Open Compute, and software defined storage and networking solutions.

The Accelerating Innovation Summit technology showcase is an annual opportunity for LSI and its partners to demonstrate new products. New product announcements and demonstrations this year include SandForce SF3700 technology and several implementations, new rollouts of LSI 12Gb/s SAS technology, the new Nytro XP6200 PCIe Flash accelerator card, and LSI's new Axxia 4500 Communication Processors.

The SandForce SF3700 flash controller for NAND Flash is intended for both enterprise and client markets and features native PCIe and SATA interfaces in one ASIC. SF3700-based PCIe and SATA SSD products from Adata, Avant, and Kingston will be on display, as well as a demonstration of the SandForce SF3700 controller family’s client performance of 1,800 MB/s sequential read when paired with Toshiba A19 flash.

12Gb/s SAS MegaRAID Controller Cards and 12Gb/s SAS Expanders will be showcased with LSI's DataBolt functionality that improves the performance of 6Gb/s SAS drives when used with LSI’s 12Gb/s SAS components. An integrated solution will be showcased which features 12Gb/s SAS MegaRAID with Syncro technology within a rackscale storage architecture to demonstrate storage resource pooling and server disaggregation.

The new Nytro XP 6200 PCIe Flash accelerator series will be on-site, demonstrating LSI's latest technolgoy to compete for both datacenter and SMB applications with cost-per-GB. The XP 6200 series is engineered for scalable datacenter PCIe flash deployments and read-intensive applications. LSI and Hyve Solutions will be demonstrating an OCP Open Rack compute and storage system with Winterfell web server nodes accelerated by Nytro XP 6200 cards.

Axxia 4500 Communication Processors on display feature LSI's new StreamSight Deep Packet Inspection engine that provides improved SDN controller traffic inspection, more efficient network management, and security via a processor with broad flexibility to tune performance at the packet level.

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