by Lyle Smith

Mangstor Adds 5.4TB Capacity & P2P Capabilities To MX-Series NVMe SSDs

Mangstor has announced 5.4TB models and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) capabilities to their MX-Series of NVMe-based PCIe SSDs, the latter which allows for low latency access to a huge storage pool of non-volatile memory, bypassing host resources. The MX-Series is built specifically for High Performance Computing (HPC), transactional processing, video editing, cloud computing workloads, and real-time analytics.

Also available in a 2.7TB capacity, the 5.4TB MX6300 NVMe SSDs use the latest generation of eMLC NAND flash memory in a Full-Height/Half-Length (FHHL) form factor. The drives leverage a controller based on an offload-architecture, which utilizes a highly-efficient 100-core Digital Signal Processor that moves and manages data at very high rates.

With the newly added P2P support, communication between the MX6300 SSD and other P2P capable devices, such as General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs) and high performance network adapters, is now possible. The most notable benefit here is that data movement will bypass host resources and go directly from device to device. This creates low latency access to a huge storage pool of non-volatile memory, which is ideal compute-intensive workloads, moving data between GPGPUs and from GPGPUs to Network Interface Cards (NICs).

Mangstor MX Series Storage Arrays support a mix of MX6300 SSDs with GPGPUs and NICs that leverage P2P communication across these devices as well: up to 8 GPGPUs and up to 350TB of storage (5U configurations). Supported Network connections include Ethernet (40/56 or 100Gb) and Infiniband (FDR or EDR).


Available now, the MX6300 Series of SSDs can be purchased through Mangstor’s worldwide sales channel of distributors, resellers and system integrators.


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