by Adam Armstrong

Mangstor’s NX-Series Accelerate HPC Throughput Using Burst Buffer Capabilities

Today at the ISC High Performance Conference 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, Mangstor Inc., announced that its NX-Series (such as the recently reviewed NX6320) now features burst buffer capabilities. Mangstor states that the burst buffer capabilities can significantly boost performance and reduce latency while eliminating bottlenecks associated with backend storage. Mangsotr will be demonstrating this new capability at ISC High Performance Conference 2016 by Mangstor’s European team in Booth #1440.

The new bust buffer capabilities work by holding data until the compute node requires it. Once the data is requested, it is delivered in large bursts to external storage systems. Mangstor arrays have a tier of extremely fast solid-state memory that acts as a burst buffer to accelerate application throughput to the external storage systems while reducing the amount of external storage bandwidth that is required to meet many applications. This capability was developed for HPC, transactional processing, video editing, and cloud computing workloads, and for real-time analytics.

As we’ve previously stated, the Mangstor NX-Series of all-flash arrays (AFA) are a family of appliances that are designed to bring the performance and low-latency benefits of NVMe to a shared storage environment. Shared storage of course isn't new, but being able to leverage the benefits of NVMe in a shared environment is. Conceptually, NVMe over Fabrics takes the power of the best of breed SSDs, that have been confined to in-server use, and shares them over a high-speed network (Ethernet or Infiniband).


The Mangstor NX-Series is available now.


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